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2013 Import USA Leaf to Germany

Startet av gemika, tirsdag 12. mars 2019, klokken 20:30

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Hello dear Forum Members,
I am currently living in the USA and am driving a used 2013 Nissan Leaf, which we enjoy very much. We bought the vehicle about 1.5 years ago for 10.000 USD, which was a real nice bargain.

Next year we are going to relocate back to Europe, Germany, and I am thinking to take the car with me, as the car is much more expensive in Europe, and we already own it. We can import it as our moving goods, tax free.

So there are a lot of reasons why it makes sense to take it with us.

Now I learned though that if I wanted to import it, we have to change the head lights to be height adjustable. Unfortunately our Leaf does not have this feature. I wonder now if this is a big thing to retrofit or not.
I cannot read anywhere that anybody has ever done this. So I am curious if this is possible and if yes, what I need to do.

I read that a lot of people have imported cars to Norway and thus I was hoping I get some information or experience from there.

I really would appreciate any information you have.




Norway accept US-spec cars as they are without the need for any modification. I know things differ with regards to this in other European countries. For instance, many European countries require a rear fog light to be retro-fitted to the car. In Norway, this is not required. I have also never seen an US-spec Leaf in Norway with retro-fitted headlight adjustment (again, because it is not required here). So to find someone here who has done this modification may prove difficult.

I think you could be better off making inquires on the German EV discussion board Surely, there must be people there who would know about this.

That said, I believe I have seen a thread on about retro-fitting headlight adjustment in a US-spec car. You may want to search around there for a bit (I couldn't find the thread in question now though).


Hello and thank you. This makes sense. I thought Norway would follow EU rules.
I will search them in German forums.
Best Regards, Michael


May be an option is to bring the car to the traffic authority in Drammen, Norway, for approval, and then register it in Germany?
To get it approved here, you have to custom declaration of Norwegian VAT. It is 0%, and there is a tax of the AC gas of few hundreds of kroner.  May be you have to pay German TAX, if you import the car from Norway instead of from US?
You will need level 2 evse in Europe. You can ask for european firmware for your EVSE. If not, the European TN net will be understood as ground fault:

Tommy Ertbølle Madsen

Hi Michael,

I am in the same situation, but importing to Denmark. Did you find a solution with the headlights?

Thanks Tommy

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