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Skrevet av Emne: How to install 13cm rear speakers in the MIEV / iOn / C-Zero  (Lest 3505 ganger)


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How to install 13cm rear speakers in the MIEV / iOn / C-Zero
« på: Mandag 13. August 2012, klokken 21:07 »
I just bought a new Peugeot iOn and quickly saw the opportunity to fit rear speakers in order to improve the sound quality. My stereo system is of the standard type with Bluetooth and USB input. There was a fader function in the menu, but I did not know if the speaker wires were pre-installed into the back doors. Searching the internet only made it apparent that a lot of people had the same question but I did not find any answers or DIY tips. So I decided just to try myself. This resulted in a 4 hour job and with this guide you should be able to do it in less time. Just make sure you have speakers, adaptor plate material, tools, wires and bolts available.

Step by step guide:
1. Loosen the interior plastic panel on the back doors by unscrewing 3 screws located at the back of the door, at the opening handle and at the handle.
2. Identify the bottom slot between the door and the panel and remove the inner cover by jerking rapidly outwards. Then lift upwards and loosen the panel. Detach the two wires for the opening handle and the door lock. Also detach the electrical connector plug to the electrical window opener. Set aside the inner panel.
3. The triangular hole for the speakers will hardly fit any standards off-the-shelf speakers so I prepared wooden adaptors to fit my new 13cm speakers (Pioneer TS-GL1322i). I used an old 2cm thick wooden shelf-plate I had lying around and hack-sawed it to 18cm OD and 11,5cm ID.
4. Cut away the plastic in the triangular hole and cut a long slice in the big hole next to it for access. I made the three fastening holes by placing the adaptor plate inside the door and marked off directly. I made 3 off 5mm holes and countersunk these to fit M5x40 countersunk bolts. I fitted the adaptor plates in place with nuts and washers on the inside.
5. I fitted the speaker directly onto the adaptor plate with the screws that came with the speakers.
6. The speaker wires were extended using standard 1.5mm2 electrical cords from an old lamp. The wire was fed out the access hole and the opening to this access hole was taped with gaffer tape. The electrical input to the speaker is pre-prepared and comes from the small 2-way unused connector next to the window button connector. As I did not have a suitable connector I cut off the connector and removed parts of the foam rubber in order to attach the wires directly using a standard cable splice.
7. I fitted the speaker cover and then fitted the door inner cover. It should snap in place perfectly. Insert and secure the 3 screws. The speaker will be seen through the speaker slots on the door panel.

That’s it, now turn up the volume and enjoy! You will notice a lot better sound now and you can even fade the sound to the kids in the backseat at will. You may want to try fitting 17cm speakers instead as there seems to be enough room available, but I believe this would result in a special design tweak for the adaptor plate.

Good luck!

PS: I can forward an xps file with pictures if needed via mail.
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Sv: How to install 13cm rear speakers in the MIEV / iOn / C-Zero
« Svar #1 på: Tirsdag 14. August 2012, klokken 09:11 »
This is just the kind of stuff we need on the elbil-wiki:

;-D Hans
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