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Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: ventilation dial
« på: Torsdag 17. Juli 2008, klokken 17:48 »
thanks elektrolux!
hmmm... yellow... I am attaching here two photos of the connection on the back of the stereo... which one would be the offending one?

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: ventilation dial
« på: Tirsdag 15. Juli 2008, klokken 22:43 »
Finally! It is all working again... ;D

Initially I tried putting the brace back from the under side.. but it did not work for me... I think the cable had very hard time moving in the sleeve. This probably was the reason for the bracket to pop out in the first place. So I did remove the radio and used some wd-40 spray on the cable...
It took two weeks before I could again pay some attention to it... the cable was now moving very smoothly in the sleeve, and I did not have any problems with the bracket.
On a side note - I did manage to get my personal record - 90.1km on one charge... this is with the radio not mounted... I wonder if it is my heavy foot while listening to music, or if the radio is drawing a lot of power even when the car is off...
Thank you again for all the information - it would have been very hard for me to figure this out on my own!

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: ventilation dial
« på: Mandag 26. Mai 2008, klokken 18:04 »
Thanks alot for all the info. I will check my back first :), then lie down and try to put the spring back. Will do some pictures in the process for the archives, and let you know the result.

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / ventilation dial
« på: Torsdag 22. Mai 2008, klokken 18:13 »
This morning I noticed that the "ventilation air direction" dial is not really working - this is the dial that is on the left hand side. The air is blown at the windshield with no respect to where the dial points. After some back and forward switching, something fell off from a whole in the dash... I am attaching an image of it....
Is this easy to fix, any suggestions before I dig myself in the dashboard?

Avansert: Batterier og Lading / Sv: OIvervåking av vannpumpa
« på: Fredag 25. April 2008, klokken 18:29 »
I have also been thinking about that...
Look what I found -
it costs 164kr in sweden.

there is one more... this one is 216kr.

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: System feil, Vil ikke ta lading
« på: Fredag 18. April 2008, klokken 11:50 »
You can try this instead... only 160kr.

Avansert: Batterier og Lading / Interactive display
« på: Torsdag 13. Desember 2007, klokken 17:21 »
I am thinking of ordering the PakTrakr for my Think. Still have not decided which model.
For real time display in the car, I have been looking at the following
It is an opensource program for OBD. I downloaded the source code and looked at it - it should not be that hard to add the functionality for displaying couple of more graphs during driving.
- Amps (vertical) for time (horizontal) - scrolling display
- Volts (vertical) per battery (horizontal) - dynamic display
Anything else?

Once I get my PakTrakr and mount it I will look in to adding of these function to the obd gauge.

How hard would it be to transplant airconditioning from one car to another?

Avansert: Batterier og Lading / Sv: Pak Trakr i Think
« på: Mandag 10. Desember 2007, klokken 22:02 »
Hi Pluto,
Great posts and photos! Just what I needed!

I am thinking of getting PakTrakr for my Think. I looked at the website ( and noticed two different models - 600EV and 800HE.
You seem to have used the 600EV which handles up to 12V, but only 6 batteries per unit (a set for the think comes to 360USD), there is another model (800HE) which handles up to 8V, and 8 batteries per unit, and a set for the think will go for 240 USD.
What is the benefit of ordering the more expensive one? Is it better for the NiCd batteries?

I looked at the photos but can not see where the current sensor is mounted - do you care to post a photo of that?

Thank you for sharing!

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / What do you think about that paint job?
« på: Lørdag 08. Desember 2007, klokken 14:29 »
Look at this paint job...

...from this video:

Humor og kanari / Sv: Helsekonsekvensene ved bruk av elbil
« på: Onsdag 05. Desember 2007, klokken 21:43 »
There is a document describing the electromagnetic radiation during usage of Clio.
Look at this document  page 16... search for "MTC" or "testing of 2 renault clio electric cars"...
Hope this helps!

Avansert: Batterier og Lading / Sv: Powercheq under test
« på: Onsdag 05. Desember 2007, klokken 21:14 »
I have been looking at both powercheq and paktrakr, and have been thinking...
what happens if I mount powercheq on the think battery pack and one of the batteries is defective and requires constant ballancing... is it possible that this can make the battery go bad quicker?

It looks like the combination of both powercheq and paktrakr would be perfect for the battery pack, but can they be running both at the same time on the same package?

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: Skifte lyspærer til knapper
« på: Onsdag 05. Desember 2007, klokken 20:44 »
Is it correct to say that the wings can be pulled in from the inside of the switch with a small screwdriver before the whole thing can be extracted? I tried from the back and it does seem to be impossible.

I am not sure what exactly do you mean by "inside".  I used a piece of wire. What I did was route the wire from the under side of the button up and then down on the other side of the button. I am attaching a schema - the yellow is the button, the red is the wire and the blue are the wings of the button. It was not very easy, but with care and patience... and a little, just a little force, the button came off.

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: Skifte lyspærer til knapper
« på: Onsdag 05. Desember 2007, klokken 16:25 »
I had to change the recirculation button. Order a new one from Think - it is not at all expensive. Then use the instruction from EL rayo to get the old button out.
I made some photos while changing the button, not very descriptive but you can see the "wings" on the button.
Hope this helps!

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