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Tidlige elbiler: Think / Sv: How to repair crack on the roof
« på: ſøndag 02. Juni 2019, klokken 21:32 »
Thank you for all the advice!
I am attaching some photos.
There are 3 cracks.
It looks like I need to remove some of the rails to be able to get to the whole crack.

I am not so sure how to drill at the corners that do not have cracks without removing the sunroof arrangement - any advice?
Maybe a dremel it instead?
Also one of the crack is under a GPS antenna that is stuck with a black glue and it looks like it will break before it will give... I will try to remove it with a string tomorrow.

Tidlige elbiler: Think / Sv: How to repair crack on the roof
« på: ſøndag 02. Juni 2019, klokken 13:10 »
How do you take out the inner lining?
I can not seem to find that part in the repair manual.
There seems to be a reference to a screws for the lining in the repair manual.

Tidlige elbiler: Think / How to repair crack on the roof
« på: Torsdag 30. Mai 2019, klokken 20:24 »
I found two cracks on the roof. See attached photos.
I drilled hole to stop the crack (maybe I a bit bigger than it should have been) and am now considering how to repair the cracks. I have come up with 3 options:
 - ABS gluing - there are these ABS sticks and a heatgun at the local Hornbach
 - Marine silicone -
 - Marine 1 component polyurethane -

Ultimately I should remove the roof and re-enforce the panel from the back with a steel grid and then fill it with something... but this is really not something I have time for. So what would be the next best thing?

Am I really only delaying the need for removing the panel and fixing this properly?


I managed to log the messages from the BMS and published the preliminary results here for future reference:

I could not find a good way to easy listen to the traffic, so there will be some time before I log the messages from the charger.


Thank you!
The pictures are great!

This is as expected.
The BMS is estimating 3 (or 4) different SOC based on different things. Ah charged/discharged, voltage, ...
If you had the nikometer you would see these SOC... and when one or more of the cells in the pack report lower voltages the SOC values differ drastically.
I am attaching a photo I made on a pack with a big difference in reported voltages.
See the P: 1: and 2:... these are usually very close to each other on a balanced pack.

Thank you - don't have such card yet.
But I have a RS485 adapter that I may try to connect and see...

Made a new thread about this.
Regarding the battery pack - what is the price per kWh for LiFePO?
Why not just get a battery pack from nissan leaf and use all the electronics, contactors, heating management, etc?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / 3d model of the aux battery holder
« på: Onsdag 22. Mai 2019, klokken 23:12 »
I am restoring a car with a missing 12v battery holder.
I was hoping to build the bracket out of laser cut steel or reinforced acrylic plate.
So I need to build a model of it.
Any help is very appreciated!

I am attaching a composite of what looks like isometric view of the bracket.

Is there any place where I can download/access the standard used between the charger and the BMS in the Think?
I am troubleshooting a broken charger and it would make it much easier if I can isolate eventual problems.

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: Fuse for 230V charging
« på: Onsdag 22. Mai 2019, klokken 13:53 »
Thanks for that answer!
True, but I am troubleshooting a broken charger and I can not help but wonder if the damages to the charger would have been much smaller if the fuse was a fast fuse.

Could you do me a favor and if you still have the bracket for the 12V battery out if you could take 10 photos of it from all kinds of angles and measure 3 directions, so I can make a 3d model of it?

Thanks in advance!

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Fuse for 230V charging
« på: Tirsdag 21. Mai 2019, klokken 09:16 »
I am helping restore a Think to a working order and found that the fuse for the 230VAC input is blown.
It seems it is a 15A slow fuse (time delay)...
What is the reasoning behind using a slow fuse? Inrush currents in charger?
I am considering replacing it with a 20A fast fuse, so it actually can protect a charger and other electronics.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Great to see the wheels spinning!
I still remember the feeling of seeing this after restoring a vehicle for 6 months.

You are correct!
I was thinking of the belts and airbags system.
But why would the PCU want to hear from a power steering if your car does not have one?
Please try with sending the message on the CAN bus and see if the PCU is still complaining.

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