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Zoe / Getting some heat while charging
« på: fredag 03. januar 2020, klokken 15:15 »
I have read/seen many places people complaining about not being able to use the heater in the car while it is charging. But I also seem to remember that using the pre-conditioning is a possible work around.

So I finally tested today with my R110 :)

And indeed it works! I started the charge and then while sitting in the car I pressed the button on the keycard and after a little while, heat came out of the vents.
I guess it is the same if one uses the app.

Can you guys who have a earlier model confirm that it also works for you?

Zoe / Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: tirsdag 31. desember 2019, klokken 19:37 »
I am thinking that creating a topic with all the good tips and tricks for the new Zoé ZE50 might  be a good idea :)

I already read some feedback from the French users on the French forum, and will add mine as soon as I get the car (hopefully soon...)

My plan is to gather everything here in the first post of the first page so the full list is easily accessible.
It should be doable since I can edit this first post over and over again.

If people write about new tricks in this topic, I will simply add them here as soon as I see them...
So please contribute if you can :)

Here it goes!

#1. Start the car without starting the car

On the previous models, if you did not/could not start the car (break pedal + start), it was necessary to insert the key in the opening below the R-Link screen in order to be able to e.g open/close the windows or use the wipers.
On the new model, you can just press Start without pressing the break pedal at the same time, and voila!

#2. Unlock charging cable/Open the flap for charging with the key card

The new key card does not have its own button for unlocking the charging cable/opening the flap in the front of the car. The trick is then to do a long press on the unlock button instead. This will only unlock the charging cable though, not open the flap.

#3. Easy connect/Easy Link info/manuals


At the bottom of this page:

More here:

More detailed info about how to enable your connected services and connect the car to the app at this post lower down this topis:

#4. Charging speed: 22 kW vs 50 kW (when battery pack at ok temperature)

Cf picture attached (ZoeChargingSpeeds.jpg), or here as long as the direct link works.

More info from TeslaBjørn in this video, at 07:21:

#5. TPMS, tires pressure sensors

I am told the car just detects whatever is there automatically... Will see about that when I shift to summer tires!

#6. How to open and use the keycard

It is not that obvious. You have to push horizontally from one side (the one with the 2 little grooves) to the other (the one with the little hole).
More info, also with everything you can do with the keycard, in this post below:

#7. Where is the OBDII plug

If you want to use CanZE, you need to know where to plug your OBDII dongle.
When you are sitting in the driver seat and driving, it is exactly on the left of your left foot.

#8. Customizing the dashboard digital display

All you need to know is here:

#9. How to change/stop the sounds for the pedestrians

More info:

#10. How to keep your windscreen wipers up

Push the right handle (the one you use to activate the wipers) all the way down when the car is off.

#11 How to restart Easy Link

To do this, just keep pressing (for 5 to 10 seconds) the start button in the bottom left corner until it reboots, a bit like when your laptop or phone froze.

WIP, more to come later!
The more people contribute, the better so don't be shy :)

Zoe / Skvettlapper/Mud flaps for Zoe
« på: tirsdag 10. desember 2019, klokken 09:10 »
I am looking for some feedback from those of you who have installed "skvettlapper" on your Zoé.
Is it worth it?
Does it really protect well, especially the front doors?
Is it easy to break when you drive up and down sidewalks or speed bump (fartsdump)?
Did you notice any loss of range/higher consumption?

Zoe / My Renault app
« på: mandag 11. november 2019, klokken 08:29 »
Have many of you installed the new My Renault app?
This one:

It is not available in Norway yet but one can manually install the APK if one finds it ;)

Zoe / Overwriting TPMS IDs via CanZE
« på: mandag 28. oktober 2019, klokken 11:44 »
I have the latest version of CanZE (1.45) on Android but when I try to overwrite the tires pressure sensors registered with new IDs so they match the winter tires ones, I get an error.
Do other people have the same problem?

Zoe / CanZE and battery capacity
« på: mandag 06. mai 2019, klokken 12:14 »
Via CanZE, I see I do not get much over 39 kWh of available capacity for my battery pack which is supposed to give me 41 kWh.
I had hoped that it was because of the cold winter temperatures but it does not seem to improve much now that we are/were closer to 20C. The measurements in April while it was warm were not any closer to 41 kWh.

What are you guys with R90s/R110s seeing?

Zoe / Tom Tom updatefor R-Link to install before April 2019
« på: onsdag 06. februar 2019, klokken 08:45 »
In case you have not seen it, there is an update to install for Tom Tom on R-Link:
Type your VIN and find out if you are concerned.
Deadline: April 6th, 2019.

Zoe / How not to get the battery pack fan running when delaying charging?
« på: søndag 03. februar 2019, klokken 16:48 »
Being a good citizen I usually charge after 2300 in order to minimize the load on the grid during peak hours.
So I typically set the car to start charging at 00:00, get home, park and plug it to the wallbox.
But I notice that most of the time, especially during winter, the battery pack fan start right after the car is plugged in, even though it is several hours before the charging will start.

Any tip to prevent this?

I tried to put in in Eco mode but that does not help...


Zoe / Charging history in app
« på: fredag 01. februar 2019, klokken 09:07 »
Is it just me or the charging history in the "app" for the Zoe is gone since Jan, 1st?
I can fetch the data for December, but since January the list is just empty.
I have no problem with the communication with the car otherwise so I am hoping this is a central problem on their servers. Maybe due to the fact that they have a new "My Renault" app on the way?

Zoe / R-Link and bluetooth connection with phone
« på: mandag 10. desember 2018, klokken 09:15 »
I have a new Zoe and a 1 year old mobile phone but I experience a lot of instability with the Bluetooth connection between R-Link and the phone.
I usually use BT to play music or place phone calls.
And I often lose the ability to call ("No Service") after playing music for a while, even though I can call from the mobile. Some other time I also lose the ability to play the music.
The only way to fix this is to switch the BT on the phone off and on again.

Anyone else has experienced this?
Is the R-Link known to be bad with the BT support?


Zoe / ZOE battery pack thermal management (or lack there of :P)
« på: mandag 26. november 2018, klokken 09:44 »
Does anyone know what are the differences between the 22/23 kWh and the 41 kWh battery packs in terms of thermal management?
Are they pretty much the same?
Or is the new battery pack better at warming up when cold and cooling down when hot so the car can always charge as close as 22 kW as possible?

I read in another thread that the new one takes longer to warm up by driving and starting from a cold pack.

Zoe / Battery capacity left inaccurately reported
« på: onsdag 31. oktober 2018, klokken 11:41 »

I have noticed that after a "long drive" (say more than 30 km at least, but more like 50+ km), the reading of the SoC varies between the moment I stop the car and the moment I use it again several hours later.
The typical example is what happened to me yesterday. I left home I had 48% left. When I got back after 30 min drive I had 22% left. But when the car started charging 3h later (via timer), it started with 29% left.
And this is somehow explained by the fact that the battery pack is an analogue thing and that voltages have to equalize between all the cells and so on. So I am not too surprised that it works like this.
But I have 2 questions:
1. Do all the cars have the same behaviour? Or are the other cars better at "estimating"?
2. Does the reading get more accurate as we get closer to an empty battery? Indeed, I know that when the car stops because of an empty battery pack, it does get a few percentage points back after a while and one car hopefully reach the nearest charger. But I am wondering if the inaccuracy is still between 5 and 10% as one gets closer to 0% SOC.

Thanks for the feedback!

Zoe / Wrong registration data at Vegvesen
« på: tirsdag 28. august 2018, klokken 09:21 »
I always wondered why many people are writing the wrong information when selling their Zoé on
For example, the title of the ad often reads "Renault Zoe ZOE 43KW 2017", like this one:

Now indeed, if one checks at, in the Motor category, it reads "Motorytelse/effekt 43.00 KW (58 HK) "

So I think Finn is just fetching data from Vegvesen when one creates the ad and just types the registration number.

All this to ask the question: How can Vegvesen get it so wrong?

I assume that by 43 KW they are referring to the battery pack. The engine itself being 66 kW or around 90 HP.

To add to my assumption, I see they use 23.3 KW for a R240 so they are definitely using the battery capacity...

Can we just send them an email and ask for a correction? Or is there a more complicated process for this kind of error?

Enkle batterispørsmål / Charging speed and long term effect on battery pack
« på: onsdag 04. juli 2018, klokken 11:01 »
It is a well known fact that the Ioniq charges fast at pretty much any temperature and up to a quite high SoC.
On the other hand, the new Leaf for example, charges quite slow in comparison.

I am wondering if, all things being equal (e.g lack of thermal management for the Leaf), the Ioniq is pushing the limits of chemistry in order to achieve its speed and that this will show in a poorer SoH in the longer run.

What to you guys think?

P.S: I took the Leaf and the Ioniq as examples, so the questions is basically this: are some manufacturers a bit less careful (or too optimistic) for some short term gains and long term losses?

Avansert: Batterier og Lading / Charging fully and not getting 100%
« på: mandag 19. mars 2018, klokken 08:53 »
I noticed that on my Zoe, even though I let it charge till full, it is not always that I get 100%.
I understand that after the charging is completed, the battery stabilizes itself with time and the final results can be 98 or 99%. Maybe a bit less during winter.

But I have 2 questions:
1. Would it make sense for the car to try charging again after a while in order to reach 100%, say after 12h or 24h? This way, it would also ensure that the car is fully charged even if left unused for several days.
2. Do other cars do that? Or all the cars charge till 100% and leave it at that till the cable is manually removed and plugged back in?


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