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Skrevet av Emne: How to increase the trunk size of your Ioniq 5 (fully reversible)  (Lest 731 ganger)


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How to increase the trunk size of your Ioniq 5 (fully reversible)
« på: Fredag 29. April 2022, klokken 15:59 »
English follows (log in/create account to see images, sorry).

Hei alle! Jeg har gjort det jeg føler selv er en nyttig modifikasjon av min Ioniq 5, og tenkte å dele denne med håp om at det er nyttig for flere. Dette er orginalposten, men jeg skriver på engelsk så det er tilgjengelig for flere.

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If your Ioniq 5 is like mine then the rear trunk seems a bit poorly utilized. The main deck of the trunk is flush with the sides of the trunk and the hatch, but underneath is a big black box that prevents the floor to be lowered further. The black box is a subwoofer. The area around the subwoofer can be used for storage, but it would be great if the floor could be lowered further to get more headroom. This allows for easier loading of things like baby strollers or just more luggage in general.

As it turns out the subwoofer can easily be removed, leaving a very flat surface. This surface can be covered with new flooring that is cut to size. Everything is fully reversible and you can use the existing higher floor after doing this modification. You can also reinstall the subwoofer easily, returning the car to its original state.

Start by removing the existing large floor plate, and all the bits and pieces in the trunk. Then remove the black foam cover that lies on top of the subwoofer and metal underfloor.

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Unscrew the 4 nuts that hold the black subwoofer box (subwoofer not shown). Don't remove the subwoofer yet, it's still attached with a cable.

You need to remove the rear bracket that supports the original floor plate. Do this by first carefully removing the plastic cover that forms the lip of the trunk. There are plastic fasteners for this on the inside of the trunk, pop these out with a flat screwdriver. Then remove the whole plastic cover by pulling up and inwards.

Behind the plastic cover is the connection to the subwoofer. Unplug this.

The rear bracket for the original floor plate is attached with screws to the plastic cover. Some of the screws are behind the sound insulation pads, gently move this to the side to expose the screws. Also shown here are the inside of the plastic fasteners.

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After removing the small bracket, reinstall the large plastic cover that forms the lip of the trunk. There are some guide points that need to line up on the inside part of the plastic cover. After getting it in place, reinstall the plastic fasteners.

The trunk should now look like this:
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We can now create the new floor. There are many options, but I went for the most available solution, which is to use sound dampening plates from Biltema together with a trunk cover also from Biltema. I bought a two plates of 30mm thick 100cmx50cm plates (part # 36-9219): These mats also have adhesive already on them, which makes everything easier. You need 30 mm mats to cover the screws that stick out from the metal underfloor (unless you want to cut them, in which this is no longer reversible...)

For the floor mat itself I bought , part # 39-081 in grey. You can probably get a nicer looking mat elsewhere, but this one was convenient, cheap and has a waterproof plastic backside already.

Cut the soundproofing mats to size using a sharp knife:

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The metal underfloor isn't entirely flat. Notably there are screws sticking up from the subwoofer, and the cover for the battery is slightly raised. Compensate for this by cutting the soundproofing pads a bit thinner in these areas.

There is also an area that is a bit deeper towards the rear seats. I have compensated for this by putting the emergency triangle and the medical kit (in parts) there.

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To align where to cut depressions for the screws, just line up the mat on the floor and hit it once with your hand. It will leave a mark on the mat where you need to cut.

You should now be left with a very flat floor, like this:

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Measure the size required for the top floor cover, and cut it coarsely to size.

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Do some trial placements of the cover, and make final adjustment cuts until the floor cover fits perfectly. You can do this outside the car, using the sound mats as guide, if you like.

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Once you are satisfied, remove the yellow adhesive cover on the soundproofing pads, and place the top cover mat in place. The glue on my mats were not very strong so it's not permanently stuck if you do it incorrectly. It is also still very easy to lift up the entire floor if you need to access the battery.

The final product then looks like this. We've gained a good 10cm or so of boot space, and its still entirely flat.

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The tire compressor/emergency kit will have to be stored elsewhere after doing this modification. I've put the compressor in the frunk (but you need to take it out of the bag to make it fit in the 4WD Ioniq).

I hope that is useful for anyone. This modification has at least made the trunk much more useful for me :)

I am no audiophile, but I can't hear any difference in the sound quality in the car. There are also no warning messages or similar caused by this removal.
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