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Skrevet av Emne: Remote starting a Kona with Google Home/Bluelink support  (Lest 438 ganger)


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Remote starting a Kona with Google Home/Bluelink support
« på: Torsdag 29. Oktober 2020, klokken 09:19 »
Hello! Thanks to some helpful information in this forum and a few fun test drives, I am now the proud owner of a 2020 Hyundai Kona - expecting to pick up the keys from the dealership either today or tomorrow.

In the excitement for my first EV, I've been googling what possible additional features there are and how I can integrate the car better with my (somewhat) smart home. I found this article from 2017 ( that states that it should be possible to connect the car with my Google Home/Assistant so I can turn it on remotely by voice. A bit gimmicky, I know, but would be fun to test out nonetheless.

Am just wondering if this functionality is actually possible here in Norway, as I tried to look for the option to set it up in the Google Home app but didn't find anything. Is there anyone out there with experience?

Secondly, for the first few months I will need to charge the car at the office, as my housing cooperative has been dragging its feet to install chargers in our neighbourhood (should have started work in March but still nothing!) - so, what I'd like to ask, is if it's still possible to remotely start the car (set temp etc) without it being plugged in to charge? I guess this is all stuff I will find out when I pick it up, but just thought I'd ask ahead of time. thanks!