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Elbil NOK 400,000
« på: ſøndag 12. Mai 2019, klokken 22:22 »
Hi all,

I am sorry to write in English. We've just moved to Oslo recently but please answer in either Norwegian or English. Admin please delete if English is not allowed.

I've been following this forum for a while and have found it extremely useful.

We have 2 small kids. We commute around 70- 80kms every day. We live in an apartment but I can charge at work 1-2 days/nights per week. Otherwise, we would be using fast charging.

Given that we can not charge at home I narrowed down my search to cars with a long range. Our maximum budget is around 400,000. I am thinking of either Tesla SR+ or Hyundai Kona from Finn. What speaks for Tesla is that it has more storage space and the supercharger network and that we don't have to look for a private seller but I didnt like the screen that much. Kona has a 40km longer range and the quality of built seems better. What are your views?

Is there any other car I should consider? I found some 1 year old chevrolet bolts for 310000 on Finn.

Thanks a lot and sorry for writing in English. Any advice would very much be appreciated. We are new to owning a car in general and electric one in particular.

Magnus Hansen

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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #1 på: ſøndag 12. Mai 2019, klokken 22:58 »
Tror dere bør se begge bilene (og kanskje flere) med egne øyne hvis dere ikke har gjort det. Både i forhold til interiøret og ikke minst plass. Det kan fort bli trangt å ha en Kona som familiebil med to små barn. Men det kommer jo an på bruken.

Ellers er det greit å huske at feks 8 turer på 40km bruker mer strøm enn 1 tur på 320km. Spesielt om vinteren hvor det går mye strøm de første kilometerene før alt er varmet opp. I forhold til det praktiske med ikke å kunne lade hjemme.


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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #2 på: Mandag 13. Mai 2019, klokken 02:30 »
A great charging network and charging speed should not be underestimated. If you spend double the time charging on slow 50kw chargers with the Kona, the effective average speed will be way lower than with the Tesla and the accompanying Supercharger network.

The rear seat legroom is also considerably smaller in the Kona, so if you need childrens' seats I think the choice should be pretty clear.
This also goes for boot space; 425 litres on the Tesla vs 300-ish on the Kona?

Prewarming the car remotely using an app or other means is not currently possible with the Kona either. Keep that in mind for cold winter mornings.


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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #3 på: Mandag 13. Mai 2019, klokken 07:38 »
Have a look at E-niro from Kia. Basically same as Hyundai Kona but larger/more space! You will find some for sale on
Boot space is 451 litres i.e. larger than Tesla Model3.
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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #4 på: Mandag 13. Mai 2019, klokken 07:41 »
If you can stretch your budget 20-30k more, you can get an e-Niro on Finn. It's a bit more practical than both - bigger than the Kona, and a mini-SUV form factor. Taller would probably mean easier to get child seats in an out than a low sedan like the model 3.

Hyundai/Kona is ranked quite a bit higher for build quality than Tesla, and Tesla is currently having severe service issues - they're currently ranked as the worst car company in business in Norway. Of course, you might get lucky and not need them.

Espen Hugaas Andersen

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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #5 på: Mandag 13. Mai 2019, klokken 08:39 »
The biggest issue with servicing is that wait times are long for non-critical issues. Something like 4-5 months is possible. I wouldn't let this deter me from choosing the best car for my needs.

e-Niro and Model 3 have approximately the same trunk space. e-Niro has more conveniet trunk opening, though. While the other options are a lot smaller.

Model 3 has more advanced driver assistance features and less plastic-y interior. Also the infotainment is vastly superior. I would definitely go for the Model 3 over the Kona/Bolt/Ampera-e/e-Niro, based on the interior alone. But fit and finish could be a bit better, especially on the exterior.

Model 3 will be a bit noisier, but in return you get much better road feel and performance. Model 3 is vastly more performance-oriented than the other cars, while the others are more comfort-oriented. Don't know what you would prefer.

A big advantage of the Model 3 when you don't have charging at home is the power and compatibility of the charger. It takes CCS and Supercharging, 11 kW 400V three phase Type 2 and 7.4 kW 230V Type 2, so you can charge it as quickly as the other cars or quicker, anywhere they can charge plus on the superchargers. Supercharging is also significantly cheaper, and you can get 7500 km for free with a referral until may 28th. (Value approximately 5000 kr compared to CCS charging.)
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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #6 på: Onsdag 15. Mai 2019, klokken 03:30 »
If you can live  without awd, i think Kona and e-Niro are good options. If they are hard to find i Norway, you can look in other european countries like Sweden or Germany.  Eu trims might be different from Norwegian trims, and some of the trims have 40kwh instead of 60kwh.


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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #7 på: Tirsdag 21. Mai 2019, klokken 10:23 »
TM3. No competition in that segment. Whichever version that gives you the most range within your budget. Nothing else really matters on those as they are extremely good vehicles no matter what configuration and you will be happy. But go with range, always:)


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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #8 på: Onsdag 22. Mai 2019, klokken 21:25 »
I would personally consider stretching for 3 LR + hitch.
But if its not feasible I would go for the SR+ model 3.

You will get more flexibility as then you can charge on both Tesla Supercharger as well as competitors, yet when using Teslas you can just unplug the cable and press button to open the charge port.

Then there is the thing that you can drive in the entire EU and use Tesla superchargers, so if you want to drive to Poland or whatever, its not an issue and you have less stress with figuring out how all the chargers work in all the countries, which apps to download etc.

In the Tesla you also have better grip on the road in both snow as well as curves, accelleration is also better and for highway its very efficcient due to the cars low drag.

The screen you will get used to I think, my girlfriend was driving Toyota while I was driving Tesla Model X, she didnt like the X since it was too large, so I sold it and bought 3P. Now we just carpool and she drives the 3P at work too, so she uses it more than me.

After some weeks I asked her if she had considered the fact there is no regular speedo, but she said: no..
And then I had to wash the Toyota last week and I was driving, it was really hard for me to see the numbers on the speedo, as the steering wheel was blocking then, so I had to move my head far sideways and tilt my head..

So after a while you dont think about it, most of the time you dont need to know your speed as you drive along with other cars or maybe you are stuck in traffic.. But even when you need it, you have those large numbers in your field of view.

I do believe SR+ from Tesla does not have Spotify and updates over 4g included, where as the LR will have those, still SR+ is also a very good deal. If you can stretch to 450, I would do LR+hitch... As this is a fantastic car then you can have it for many years and I think that the longer range with the hitch is a super deal for EV owners..


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Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« Svar #9 på: I går kl. 15:58 »
We commute around 70- 80kms every day. We live in an apartment but I can charge at work 1-2 days/nights per week. Otherwise, we would be using fast charging.

Husk at hurtiglading på kaldt batteri ikke går særlig hurtig. 4 mil hjem fra jobb er ikke nok til å få varme i batteriet. I hvertfall ikke om vinteren, når man trenger det som mest. En bil som aktivt kan varme batteriet under kjøring vil være bedre. Legger man inn en Tesla Supercharger i navigasjonen vil TM3 forvarme batteriet (når den softwareupdaten kommer). Men det fungerer neppe på vanlige hurtigladere. Både TM3 og Kona har fått kritikk for å hurtiglade tregt om vinteren. (TM3 må kjøres svært langt før batteriet er varmt nok.)
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