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BMW iFE.18


Ja det ble faktisk presentert en ny BMW elbil idag. Riktignok en Formel E-bil, men likevel :)

World Premiere: BMW iFE.18 – The First BMW Electric Race Car

"- We told the production engineers designing the electric motor and inverter: ‘Forget about all the considerations you would usually have in development, and just think about performance, the greatest efficiency, the lowest weight. When we’ve reached that point, you can think about how to integrate that into series production later on."

Beskrivelse av utviklingen av BMW i's motorer:

- It’s one of the reasons why BMW compares the iFE’s powertrain to that of the i3’s, and although it’s a race car, it’s still impressive to see the advances in tech between the varieties. For example, BMW’s season 5 racer has 100% more power than the BMW i3 on which it’s based, along with 40% less volume and a 50% weight saving.


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