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"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / SimpBMS
« på: Onsdag 27. Oktober 2021, klokken 18:03 »

Does anyone happen to have a SimpBMS with / without Teensy onboard for sale?


Does anyone have a SimpBMS with / without Teensy on board for sale?

Much appreciated,


Avansert: Batterier og Lading / SimpBMS
« på: Onsdag 27. Oktober 2021, klokken 09:43 »

Does anyone happen to have a SimpBMS with/without Teensy onboard for sale?


Er det noen som har en SimpBMS med/uten Teensy ombord til salgs?

Much appreciated,


Other owners report that fixing the steering rack solved the problem.

Attached is the list of common Th!nk parts used from other cars.

The same one as for Peugeot 106/Citroen Saxo.

The battery seems as well-thought project.
It's really a shame they stopped developing it.

So, there is nothing that can be physically done?
Battery dead, even if it has 180 km range?

If I understood correctly, the Internal ISO fault occurs when the cells shorten out inside the battery?

No, I was just pointing out that the order of disconnecting it, first from the car or the main outlet, doesn't matter.

Is there a schematic of the charger that I could forward to my electrician?

Thanks. So, there is nothing to do physically nor via the diagnostic tool that could prevent another internal ISO fault from happening?

The car runs fine again.

I just hooked it up to the ZebraMonitor and there was only notice fault "Time max elapsed while AC heat", with the same date when I was re-heating the battery.

The AC heater is the heater for the battery?

This is exactly what I was thinking about.
Also, charging it over 80% only when really needed, would might be a good idea as well.

UPDATE after 4 months:

Well, I have managed to get the PCAN adapter, installed Oracle VM on my laptop and ZebraMonitor on it. The Internal ISO and AC heater faults have been listed, which I deleted. The car started heating up the battery and eventually started charging up. I was happy like a small child. Have been driven it since then for 4.000 km with no problems.

Just the other day, all of a sudden, the car wouldn't run: red triangle lit, power limit blinking, don't won't to take a charge. Since I have borrowed the PCAN adapter the first time, I have had to get me another one. It took me two weeks to finally get it. Now ZebraMonitor shows the same faults like last time. I have deleted them again and the car started heating up the battery, hopefully will take the charge once it reaches the temperature. BMI SW is 3.12.12.

What is AC heater?
What is DC heater?
How could I sort out this problem once and forever?

Many thanks

EDIT: I have always paid attention to start charging when the battery was around 10% and then charging it all the way up to 100% (every 3rd day). I was getting 180 km of range on full charge, but most of the time I was getting around 140 km in a 3-day period.

My Th!nk City original charger worked fine, until I wanted to test out the Quick Charge - and it worked. I only tried it once, for about an hour. However, since that day, the charger's "Power Fault" and "Car Link Fault" diodes start blinking 4 times immediately after I disconnect the charger, either from the car, or from the main outlet. It doesn't matter if it charges the car completely for hours, or just minutes. or when it's connected to a car or not. While the diodes blink I am not able to charge the car. It needs a couple of hours to "reset?" or "cool down?" and then it works again. The charger is not hot, rather only slightly warm on touch.

What could be the reason for this?

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