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Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering model Y performance
onsdag 31. august 2022, klokken 15:42
I feel sorry for the guys that ordered so early, and are still waiting, and then other guys order a few months ago and get them before!  :'(  :'(  :'(

Sitat fra: Jalle47 på onsdag 31. august 2022, klokken 11:14
Hvit/Sort FSD, hengerfeste, vinterhjul. Bestilt september 2020. Levering 16 september i Haugesund. Muligens før, for jeg tror bilene er ankommet.

Sitat fra: las^se på onsdag 31. august 2022, klokken 11:01
Bestil mars. Avtalt utlevering i slutten av september.
Hvit/sort MYP, Haugesund.
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering model Y performance
lørdag 27. august 2022, klokken 21:08
Hei guys,

I just sold my almost 5 year old S75D yesterday (I miss it already) and now the long wait for my MYP :(

Here are my current order details. Feel free to copy/paste the style so that others can easily see your bestilling/EDD while scrolling through :)

Model Y Perf. BESTILT: 23 June 2022  TYPE: Hvit/Sort   EDD: Nov 12 - Dec 27 LEVERING: Lillestrøm

Og bare svare på norsk,

Model 3 / Sv: How I removed scratches on my M3 rear camera
torsdag 05. mai 2022, klokken 15:20
Hehehe, I am not sure what she did, but she admitted to it. At least it was an easy fix.
Model 3 / How I removed scratches on my M3 rear camera
torsdag 05. mai 2022, klokken 08:55
Hei all,

I will do this in english, as its easier for me, but feel free to reply in norsk.

The kona scratched the lens up while trying to clean the camera incorrectly. As a result the picture now looks like this.

All I did was use Biltema Metallpolish for a couple of minutes with a clean microfibre cloth and its as good as new.



Hope it helps someone out there :)

Hi all,

Sorry for english, but its easier for me to write. Reply back in Norsk as I can read it no problem :)

I was driving up the E6 a few days ago and it had been snowing heavily that morning. It then started raining and conditions were quite slippery.

I was doing about 90km/h (that was stupid, I know!) in the fast lane, and I suddenly hit some "slaps" loose snow. All of a sudden my car was fish tailing five or six times. At that moment I thought it was game over and my car was going to hit the central barrier. Somehow I managed to correct it and I saved it. It really shook me up :(

So I was thinking, maybe I let go of the accelerator when I saw the pile of snow in the road and the regen braking is what caused me to fish tail?? My regen is set to standard. It happened so quickly I dont really know what caused it.

Anyone else running their regen on LOW in the winter? It seems quite a few people in the US have complained about this at least. Was wondering if anyone has experienced this in Norway?



ADDITIONAL INFO: My tyres are the standard 19" Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2's. Also after moving from the UK six years ago, I have never had any issues driving in the snow/ice/rain. This was my biggest scare by far. New respect for slaps :)
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Leveringserfaringer
fredag 08. desember 2017, klokken 16:02
Just a quite update to my experience.... in summary WHAT AN AWESOME DAY!!!!

Fetched my car from Røyken today at 10:00. About 10 people fetching their cars. Telsa people were very friendly and it was well organised. I thought the group idea was cool. Everyone was excited to get their cars. All the cables and stuff (UMC and Type 2) were already in the boot. A young friendly guy called Frederick chatted about the car and the various features. I thought my car was perfect, but then again I didnt go looking for that speck of dust underneath the paint.

My #1 piece of advice - DESPITE ALL THE HORROR STORIES ON THIS FORUM, DON'T WORRY ABOUT ANY SMALL IMPERFECTIONS. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS. IT WILL RUIN AN OTHERWISE AMAZING EXPERIENCE. AND THIS KIND OF EXPERIENCE DOESN'T HAPPEN EVERY DAY (well at least not for me). Seriously ignore the fact that there might be a small scratch, or that the battery is only half charged. Just enjoy the moment, it will be over so quick and all you will have are the good memories :) Dont be the arsehole that gets upset with the person handing over the car, because of something that can, and will be fixed later by Tesla.

Its my first time owning an electric car and the car itself is amazing. I only have a S75D but have already scared the shit out of the kids going "Tigerrask". Its MORE than fast enough for me. And I could quickly lose my license.

AP calibrated after about 20km. I was really lucky I guess because it was a fairly sunny day (+5 degrees), dry roads and no snow. The first thing I did was drive back from Røyken towards Oslo. I then decided to carry on to Nebbenes. I gave it quite a bit of heavy foot :) Arrived at Nebbenes and tried my first supercharger. Just sat in the car trying to take it all in, with a huge smile on my face. Played around with all the settings and then had a quick rest stop and a soft drink.

Drove all the way home on AP, and it works surprisingly well on the E6. Although it did try to kill me on smaller windy roads, so I would wait a bit and get used to the car.

Configured the Homelink system with my garage door and it works flawlessly.

Tried home charging and I get a respectible 8kw :)

Took the day off work, and I thought it was well worth it. I didnt want to leave the car :)

200km later and all I can say is WOW!!!!! What an amazing day and an incredible machine :)

Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering oktober - november 2017
onsdag 29. november 2017, klokken 17:55
Sitat fra: jkirkebo på onsdag 29. november 2017, klokken 17:44
Sitat fra: Jeronan på onsdag 29. november 2017, klokken 15:24
SitatSvar på norsk   :D

Almost two weeks.

Hehe :) Ikke bare jeg som sliter med dette ser jeg ;)

En engelskmann kan faen aldri lære norsk, fordi man altid snakk engelsk :)
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering oktober - november 2017
onsdag 29. november 2017, klokken 13:42
I am interested to hear how long people have waited for their Teslas once they have arrived at Drammen? Someone said almost a month!  :(  I am in that position now. Anyone else know how long they waited? Svar på norsk   :D
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering november - desember 2017
tirsdag 28. november 2017, klokken 19:09
Has anyone had  a call from Tesla to confirm their delivery date, but for delivery in Røyken?
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering november - desember 2017
søndag 26. november 2017, klokken 22:59
sfinxern, all of what you described happen to me too. So fingers crossed our cars are on Baltic Breeze. The only difference in my ordering was that I confirmed my order on the 29.09.17 and estimated delivery is 5th Dec and in Røyken. Lets hope they are a bit more organised than from what I have read in September.

If I were you, I would choose Brumunddal if there is no difference in delivery time. I think you would probably have a better experience collecting the car. But I would always take the quickest option first :)
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Hvor mange nøkkel ved levering?
søndag 26. november 2017, klokken 21:47
Sitat fra: gr på søndag 26. november 2017, klokken 21:18
Nei, jeg hadde bestilt et svart og et rosa av disse i forkant:

Litt trange, og kunne vært litt lenger i enden, men helt greie. Ikke noen stor investering.. ;)

Thanks gr. I have ordered a couple as well. Lets see who's førstemann.... the fob covers from China or my car :)
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Hvor mange nøkkel ved levering?
søndag 26. november 2017, klokken 21:15
Does it come with a rubber cover? The fob without a cover would slip right out of my pocket.
Bestilling og levering / Sv: Beskytte lakk på ny bil
lørdag 25. november 2017, klokken 12:09
I have been thinking the same thing when I collect my car.

So after lots of research I have decided I am going to use Carpro C.Quartz UK which is a ceramic paint sealant. Seems to be very popular and the price is not bad (50ml - Ebay 900kr) or 30ml at Bilpleiekongen for 998kr. Thats enough to cover a big car like a Model S. There is a fair amount of preparation, but with a new car it shouldnt be too bad.

A great video to watch on how to do it: (This guy is from Canada, similar to Norge and has 20 years of experience)

Its a DIY job of course. But if you want someone else to do it, then it will of course cost a lot more. For example I believe Ditec is about 8000kr.

Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering november - desember 2017
fredag 24. november 2017, klokken 14:51
When we collect our cars, what can we expect in terms of accessories that should come with the car? e.g. UMC, UMC adapters,  Type 2 Cable, iphone/android dock cable. etc.....elbilforening medlem?

Just in case they "forget" to give me something they should have...


Bestilling og levering / Sv: Levering november - desember 2017
fredag 24. november 2017, klokken 10:21

Men vet du at utlevering skjer i Røyken? Står på final invoice?

Yep, its on my final invoice. When I first looked at it, I couldnt understand why the delivery address was Birger N. Haug in Røyken. After looking at the forums and talking to "sjossang" who works there, I realised that they use BNH as an overflow during busy periods. Looking at I think December is going to be a crazy month. Maybe we will beat the 2000 Tesla record from September :)

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