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Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Fredag 07. August 2020, klokken 07:55 »
It looks like the old app is not to be used anymore and that they finally have released the new one (version 4.6.4) in Norway.
They old one now forces you to upgrade to the new one, directly from Google/Apple Store.

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 05. August 2020, klokken 21:56 »
I forgot to say that what I just wrote is if you have a ZE50. If you have an older model, like the ZE40, then you definitely need help from the guy who sold it to you.

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 05. August 2020, klokken 21:53 »
It looks like your car is not talking to the My Renault servers. Or you did not press the "pairing" button on the easy link screen on the car. The best is probably that you go back to the garage you bough it from and ask them to help you. It can be that they forgot to do something...
When did you get the car?

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 05. August 2020, klokken 08:42 »
Version 4.6.4 now available. I don't see any difference with 4.5.5.
The site is down so I can not share it there.
You can get the APK from here though:

Zoe / Sv: Kjøpe brukt Zoe
« på: Mandag 03. August 2020, klokken 13:48 »
What about grounding the TWC in a better way? Would that work (if possible)?

Zoe / Sv: Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: Onsdag 29. Juli 2020, klokken 16:02 »
If you have one of the first ZE50, you might want to make sure your BMS is up to date.
I have had the suspicion for a while that I would not use the whole capacity of the battery, and I finally got the garage to check it.
They found out that my SoH was 94% and that I did not have the latest BMS version.
Now they have updated it and I have 100% again :)

If you are not bothered by this, make sure they check it next time you deliver your car in for service.

Zoe / Sv: Renault Zoe recall
« på: Mandag 27. Juli 2020, klokken 16:21 »
I am just back from the dealership and I have been told that none of the Zoés sold in Norway have the problem.
Not sure how this is possible but nice if true :)

Zoe / Sv: Min Zoe nr 2
« på: Lørdag 25. Juli 2020, klokken 09:17 »
If I recall correctly, the 88 hp engine is the one from the first version with the Continental engine, the one use in the Q series later on.
But they also have a 75 hp engine, which was never sold here in Norway. (sorry in French)

Zoe / Sv: Ekstra lader
« på: Onsdag 22. Juli 2020, klokken 11:30 »
@elektrolux: Is it 3 kW input to the charger, or output to the car?
The Raydiall adapter delivers only around 2.2-2.4 kW to the car even when using the Type2/16A mode.
So your charger would be a nice improvement for almost the same price :)

Zoe / Sv: Ekstra lader
« på: Mandag 20. Juli 2020, klokken 22:47 »
The easiest for you is to use the Raydall adapter you got with the Zoe ZE 50 (unless you decided not getting one and got 10 kNOK off the price). This will allow you to charge from any charger with a Type 2 connector, or from a normal wall socket (Schuko).
Beware, it will take time :)

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Mandag 06. Juli 2020, klokken 19:24 »

Zoe / Sv: Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: ſøndag 05. Juli 2020, klokken 14:09 »
If you got it recently, it can be that if was installed when the car was produced...

Zoe / Sv: Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: Lørdag 04. Juli 2020, klokken 14:58 »
The date is the installation date.
The version number I got upgraded to is 283C32219R

No problem, as long as it is a Type 2 cable.

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