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Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Fredag 11. ſeptember 2020, klokken 08:05 »
Not me :)
Stupid questions:
- you have deleted the old one and have only the new one installed right?
- have you tried deleting the new app and install again?
- tried from another phone? Not very relevant but...

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Fredag 04. ſeptember 2020, klokken 14:33 »
It is working fine for me so it must be a bit random...

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Tirsdag 01. ſeptember 2020, klokken 10:04 »
The new version of the app for Android is now available on the Play Store and it works great :D
Løp og kjøp (or update rather)!

Zoe / Sv: Android auto
« på: Torsdag 20. August 2020, klokken 14:57 »
Is this even possible?

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 19. August 2020, klokken 15:59 »
I do not have the "older" Zoe anymore so I am a bit unsure how you link the car to the app now.
Before you had to use the VIN and the password you got for the connected services when you bought the car.
To test, you can try to condition the car and see if anything happens :)

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 19. August 2020, klokken 13:46 »
I would give it a try, just out of curiosity! :P

Zoe / Sv: OBD på nye ZOE
« på: Tirsdag 18. August 2020, klokken 10:29 »
Yes :)
Tip #7 from here:

"When you are sitting in the driver seat and driving, it is exactly on the left of your left foot."

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: ſøndag 16. August 2020, klokken 11:45 »
Have you tried to remove the car from the app and add it again?
Just in case...

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Lørdag 15. August 2020, klokken 07:35 »
The problem is server side. I do not think it would have work any better with the old app.
They will hopefully iron these problem out soon.

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 12. August 2020, klokken 21:46 »
It usually works fine.
It is just having some problems right now, especially for Android it seems.
This should be solved in the coming days.

Zoe / Sv: Batteri symbol app
« på: Tirsdag 11. August 2020, klokken 14:13 »
If your car is connected but not charging because you programmed the charge to start later, then you can override the programming and force the car to start charging right away.

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Lørdag 08. August 2020, klokken 11:52 »
You can press cancel only so many times before you can't anymore.
It looks like they are having problems server side at the moment :(

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Fredag 07. August 2020, klokken 07:55 »
It looks like the old app is not to be used anymore and that they finally have released the new one (version 4.6.4) in Norway.
They old one now forces you to upgrade to the new one, directly from Google/Apple Store.

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 05. August 2020, klokken 21:56 »
I forgot to say that what I just wrote is if you have a ZE50. If you have an older model, like the ZE40, then you definitely need help from the guy who sold it to you.

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 05. August 2020, klokken 21:53 »
It looks like your car is not talking to the My Renault servers. Or you did not press the "pairing" button on the easy link screen on the car. The best is probably that you go back to the garage you bough it from and ask them to help you. It can be that they forgot to do something...
When did you get the car?

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