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Zoe / Sv: Rekkevidde motorvei
« på: Onsdag 11. November 2020, klokken 08:03 »
If I recall properly, if you schedule a pre-conditioning of the car the day before so it is ready and warm at say 07:00 in the morning, it will heat up both the cabin and the battery pack (which it will not do if you just do it 5 min before you leave from the app).

If you consumption is as low as 15 kWh/100km then first of all congratulations because in the conditions you describe, this is a very good one!
And second of all, you may need this BMS upgrade I am talking about in order to unlock the full potential of the battery pack.

But also remember that there are actually more kilometers in the last percentage of battery so you might be surprised by how long you can actually drive until your battery reaches 1-2%. Or have you tried that already?

Zoe / Sv: Rekkevidde motorvei
« på: Tirsdag 10. November 2020, klokken 14:20 »
Cold and speed affect your range quite drastically, especially if you do not condition the car before departure while still connected to the charger so you start with a warm battery and cabin.
A few weeks ago I managed around 250 km while driving mostly 100-110 km/h at around 5-10C.
What is your average consumption? Mine was around 20 kWh/100km I think.

Regarding the Raydiall, other people have reported the same thing.
I tested it myself once and I got only around 2.4 kW into the battery using the type 2 adapter from a 7 kW charger.
And there are some losses during the conversion from IT to TN so I am not surprised that 400 W were gone like that.
If you want faster charging at home, it is better to have a transformer so that your Easee charger gets TN instead of IT. Then a simple Type 2 to Type 2 cable is enough to connect your car to the Easee. And keep the Raydiall only when you go place with IT only for overnight charging. But this setup costs a bit more ;)

Zoe / Sv: Rekkevidde motorvei
« på: Tirsdag 10. November 2020, klokken 08:27 »
Do you drive long trips? Or many small ones?
When did you get your Zoe? If it is one from the first batch, you might need a BMS update to correct a little bug which limits how much of the battery you can access (

Regarding charging, do you connect to your Easee box via the Raydiall adapter?
If so I am afraid so won't get much more than 2.8 kW.

Zoe / Sv: Nytt layout skjerm ZE 50
« på: Fredag 06. November 2020, klokken 11:50 »
Yes, it happened to me once as well...

Zoe / Sv: Vurderer kjøp av Zoe, et par spørsmål
« på: Onsdag 04. November 2020, klokken 12:39 »
Hi there :)
1. Bose = Intens + Bose Bass Sound System (less space in the boot) + leather seats + extra settings for lower back in the front seats. And that's it more or less.
2. Yes only the new ZE50 from 2020 supports CCS (so both 50 kW DC and 22 kW AC). The ZE40 has only 22 kW AC
3. It depends what kind of grid you have at home. If TN, no problem. If IT, you will need a transformer IT -> TN somewhere between the car and the grid (either a "ladebøtte" or a proper transformer you mount before the home charger.
4. Can't help you there. Definitely try it. The best seating position is so different from one person to the next. The good thing about the Zoe is that the steering wheel is adjustable both in depth and height.

Zoe / Sv: Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: Fredag 30. Oktober 2020, klokken 13:07 »
I do not know how to read the BMS version, if it is possible at all for us mere mortals at the moment.
The best you can do here is to make sure they check/update it when you go for the one year service.

Regarding your consumption, you seem to have a weird behavior indeed.
But what is important is how much you can drive in one go on a full charge, especially if you can pre-condition the car before leaving.

During the winter, many things influence the consumption negatively:
- winter tires
- tire pressure (a bit above the recommended value helps a little)
- small journeys starting with a cold car (the heater has to work extra hard at the beginning to get the cabin to temperature)
- cold air is bad for air resistance
- etc...

I drive around 15 km at a time and my consumption is around 15.5 kWh/100km.
But I still have summer tires and here in Oslo the temperature is still around 5-10C

Zoe / Sv: Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: Mandag 26. Oktober 2020, klokken 12:04 »
CanZE being not 100% compatible with the ZE50 yet, there is another alternative available which gives you a lot of info in the internal data (amon others, SoH!) but also helps you plan trips! It is under a subscription model, around 24€/year (275 NOK).
You can try it for one month for free :)
ZOE ZE50 - Power Cruise Control®

Zoe / Sv: Nytt layout skjerm ZE 50
« på: Tirsdag 13. Oktober 2020, klokken 21:33 »

Zoe / Sv: Zoe 2021?
« på: Fredag 02. Oktober 2020, klokken 14:17 »
Yes I got the app update as well.
They are continuously working on the app and on the Easy Link so the updates will keep coming.

Zoe / Sv: Zoe 2021?
« på: Torsdag 01. Oktober 2020, klokken 12:20 »
From what I read other places, the ZE50 was supposed to be upgraded with a front radar, but for the auto breaking feature I think. Not sure about adaptive cruise control. In any case, this improvement is not linked to a release year (I can be mistaken).
The Easy Link system is being updated via OTA updates a few times a year.  Right now it looks like they are working on things that are missing (either from what was promised or from the previous version, the ZE40).
Your best choice now is to ask a dealer (Motorforum, Berg Auto,...) directly. Hopefully they'll now :)

Kjøp og salg av deler og utstyr / Sv: Ø.K - Ladekabel med schukokontakt til Renault Zoe
« på: Tirsdag 29. ſeptember 2020, klokken 07:59 »
Does it take 16A from a 16A socket? Aka 3.6 kW output? or only 13A/3.0 kW output?
Is it possible to connect it directly to the fuse box on a 20A circuit breaker and also get 16A/3.6 kW?

Definitely very interesting for me the day I move and can not take my Podpoint/trafo with me :)

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Torsdag 24. ſeptember 2020, klokken 11:42 »
It looks like if you have both versions installed (the old one and the new one), you can still start the old one without knowing it, or the new one clashes with the old one. So it is a bit unfortunate either way :)

Zoe / Sv: My Renault app
« på: Onsdag 23. ſeptember 2020, klokken 21:48 »
Uninstall all the My Renault apps you have, re-install the one from the Store?

Zoe / Sv: Hvordan har batteriene våre det da ? (CanZE , SOH)
« på: Onsdag 16. ſeptember 2020, klokken 21:33 »
Did you hear about this French guy who drove over 323.000 km with the same car as yours, from 2013?
Something broke in the engine so he just bought a ZE50 R135 :)

Zoe / Sv: Hvordan har batteriene våre det da ? (CanZE , SOH)
« på: Tirsdag 15. ſeptember 2020, klokken 21:29 »
Shit pommes frites!! Not bad at all!
Have you been especially careful or nothing special?
No charging to 100% No/little fast charging?

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