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The only message I am missing in your log is 0x495 - PAS status.
Just to test you can check what would happen if you send that message on the can bus.
Try 0x495, length 2, bytes: 7F 00, every 100ms

You can do this with the PCAN Viewer - there is a window at the bottom that allows you to set up sending of messages.
Start sending and then try to start the car again.

EDIT: Remember to still look in CHAS to see if the PCU is still complaining about PAS.

Ok, great.
Check the state of the CAN bus. Can you measure resistance between CAN-H and CAN-L, between CAN-H and GND, and between CAN-L and GND.
Also PAS I think is the belt and airbag system.
Can you plug your PCAN to the car, and then start PCAN View, switch to log and save a log of CAN bus messages when you start the car.
Attach the trc file here.
You can ignore the BMI errors - these are only for when your car has Zebra battery.

OK, posted at the same time...
So VcSta is 2 - "Ready"... so that is ok
PrndSta is 0 - "Park"... this is ok if the car is in Park, and it will not drive, but if you have the stick in "D" and the PrndSta is not showing 3 "Drive", then there must be an issue with the gear shifter.
Check this, and post back.
I have seen some reports of microswitches in the gear shifter needed to be changed.

Do you mind publishing photo of your cable and annotate it?
What connector do you have in the car? Is it the square with 2x2 pins or the other with the 1x4 pins?
You can always test the GND pin.
The RX and TX pins are trickier but one is always 12V I think.
Unless you tried too much and burned the RS232 driver in the PCU, but I have never seen that happen before.

I am using an FTDI RS232 to USB adapter and works every time.
Don't remember the model, but it was one of the white box ones without lights.

Did you read the documentation? You need to go through the setup button every time you start CHAS.

The Enerdel battery pack uses approx 3-4A when contactors are closed.

Check the fault codes reported by the PCU via CHAS.

RLEC 03 does not seem to be healthy...
and it could be the reason for the car not wanting to start.

You can use the pins for the heater if the car starts or charges. Use voltage meter.
Be very careful though - it is 350 to 400V DC... very deadly.

Alternatively both the PCU and the BMI/BMS is reporting the battery voltage on the CAN bus.

Cool - feel free to use "pay forward" for the hours :)
Your Think has Enerdel battery and the reset button is pointless. Check the electrical wiring diagram and you will see.
You can not easily make the cable for Comtool - if I remember correctly the program is looking for P-CAN or Vector CAN bus adapters. So you can save your time and buy

You can make a cable for the CHAS (the program for the PCU) to connect to the 4 pin connector under the passenger side dash. Lookup the pins on the electrical wiring diagram - it was very easy. You would need a usb to rs232 adapter if you do not have rs232 on your computer.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Renovation of front suspension
« på: Torsdag 25. April 2019, klokken 21:34 »
I bought a Think that reportedly has had problem with gearbox.
So the electric motor and the gearbox (in one unit) as well as the drive shafts and the PCU are in the trunk of the car.

I am thinking of trying to reassemble the whole thing, but noticed that the ball-bearings (and some other parts around them seem quite rusty. They have been more or less exposed to the elements for about 5 years.

What would be a replacement bearing part number?
Should I look to replace more parts? Like the whole front strut?

Is it hard to do?
Would you do it, or would you just get rid of the car?

Here are some photos...

There is nothing on pins 11 and 3 on the diagnostic connector on my car. How would you expect this ELM Config to work?

The cable under the dash is a diagnostic/firmware update connector for the PCU (the drive for the motor).

To diagnose the battery you need Enerdel specific diagnostic tool called ComTool, and it runs with a P-CAN adapter.

Checkout the software download section on the think yahoo group -

Also there see the wiring diagrams for the car.

This is where my Think has a cabin air inlet... and deep behind your battery I think I can see the cabin filter still there...
Also what is keeping the battery from lifting up when you drive thru a bump on the road?

Tidlige elbiler: Think / Sv: Starteproblem Think City 2010 mod.
« på: Fredag 19. April 2019, klokken 13:23 »
Du kan kolla med ...

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: Dör handtag
« på: Onsdag 17. April 2019, klokken 17:27 »
Here is a photo of the broken part - the driver side.
Do you know if that is replaceable, or maybe I should get the bigger part (including the key cylinder) and then move the cylinder from the car to the new part?

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