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"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Speaker cover
« på: Tirsdag 13. April 2021, klokken 15:13 »
There you go:

I made it with FreeCAD, let me know if you want to original model file.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Speaker cover
« på: Mandag 12. April 2021, klokken 21:11 »
Thanks for the tip!
That explains some of the strangeness... it is visible on my photos that the original cover has one of the pins that are supposed to fit in the door a little off, while if you look at the door opening all 8 or the openings are symmetric.
I am very happy with the new covers, but it is definitely more cost effective to order new from ebay.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Speaker cover
« på: Mandag 12. April 2021, klokken 10:35 »
My speaker covers are falling all the time and are beginning to crack.
So I made a 3d model of a speaker cover and 3d print it.
Here are some photos of it. I will upload the model if there is any interest in it.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Nicometer i Nye Think
« på: Lørdag 10. April 2021, klokken 00:39 »
Does anyone know if this is written for zebra-battery or enerdel? I have a enerdel-battery now, and it looks so healthy i have a hard time beliveing that it really has no failed cells  :D

There is an enerdel version of nikometer software that shows minimum, average and maximum cell voltage. Try it.

Om jag minns rätt skall det inte behövas någon can bus meddelande för att värma batteriet.
Minns inte vilka pinnar man behövde koppla, men du kan mäta förbrukningen på 220V kontakten och se om det går upp till typ 300W borde vara på gång.
Batteriet kommer inte att dra igång värmen om den har fel i BMI.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Nicometer i Nye Think
« på: Lørdag 04. Juli 2020, klokken 10:06 »
Did you test your composite screen?
Where do you live? Maybe there is someone that has a working duinomite so you can compare or switch modules to make sure?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Nicometer i Nye Think
« på: Onsdag 01. Juli 2020, klokken 12:48 »
you tried config composite command?
you restarted the board after the command?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Nicometer i Nye Think
« på: Tirsdag 30. Juni 2020, klokken 16:50 »
Can you write a bit more on what you have tried, instead of me trying to guess what you did try and what you did not.

I have heard that it is not that hard to unlock it...

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: Think PIV4/Classic Leaf battery upgrade
« på: Lørdag 16. Mai 2020, klokken 15:15 »
I have not done this myself, but I think you need to configure the simovert motor controller via siadis program (you would even need a pin?) to think that the high voltage in the battery is ok.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Isolasjon mot støy?
« på: Fredag 08. Mai 2020, klokken 17:58 »
Not all summer wheels are created equal.. what is the exact article (model) on the tires you changed to?
For all tires there are classes for sound... maybe you managed to get a noisy pair?

Testa "hard reset" -
Då kommer alt från palmen att försvinna, men det gör inget om det enda du använder den är till vattenfyllning och har programmet på en SD kort.

I don't sell it - it is fully open source...
I can probably build one for you but it would be expensive... PM me and I will try to give you a quote depending on how you want to connect it to the car

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Think City Enerdel Lithium Ion tråden
« på: Torsdag 13. Februar 2020, klokken 13:41 »
I am not 100% sure I understand your question - maybe you can post a short video?
If I understand correctly what you are seeing is the result of the battery changing the "max regen" and "max drive" current parameters.
These parameters are then used to map the dials on the dashboard.
Usually these parameters are staying relatively constant... but if the battery pack is at maximum voltage it would not allow regen and the way for it to signal that to the drive unit is to set the "max regen" to a very small value.
So suddenly the scale of the dashboard is changing and if previously 15A current was barely noticable it is now maybe 4 times the movement.
You can see some of these parameters if you build and run nikometer:

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Sv: Think Classic lader pulser, serial link fault
« på: ſøndag 26. Januar 2020, klokken 23:13 »
Recently I had to repair a Think that would not charge.

At the end it looked like the problem was a surge in the electrical grid.

What I had to do:
I changed the fuse in line with the AC input, I then checked all the relays... then I had to replace the charger... and there were some connector problems with the new charger.
So after some cleaning and fiddling with the connectors the charger was ok.
The battery pack was in very low voltage (90V?) and the charger did not want to start the charge.
So I connected a high voltage power supply to via the HV connection, started the car (so the contactors close) and then slowly charged the car so the voltage was higher...
After reconnecting the charger the charging worked.

I had a RS485 usb adapter handy and managed to get some of the traffic on the communication between the charger and the BMS... but did not do any analysis on it.

Don't know if this helps.

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