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Meldinger - Rozojc

MG ZS EV / Question on battery and charge
torsdag 25. januar 2024, klokken 18:43
Hello. Apologies for writing in English, hope you don't mind.

I bought an MG ZS EV. It's the first time I have an electric car, and I've only had it for a couple of months. I don't use it much, so I haven't had to charge it much (maybe 8 times) but because I still don't have a charger at home, Ive had to mostly do fast charges.

Anyway, I know that with the cold weather the charge lasts less, but I noticed lately that the expected range is ridiculously low, and does not seem to match the percentage left. I got a message today saying I should charge soon, with low mileage left but with still close to 40% supposedly left... Is this normal?
Lade hjemme / Sv: Would the Amina 1 work for me?
onsdag 24. januar 2024, klokken 12:09
Thanks again to everyone for all the valuable information!

I will just have the Altima installed, with the additional fusebox for flexibility.

The one last thing I was wondering, and maybe it is a stupid question. What would be the difference between doing this instead of just using the "emergency charger" connected to the outlet in my garage which comes from exactly that same 16amp course? The reason I am asking is simply to know whether I can use the emergency charger for a month or two and wait to do the installation for a bit (since it costs a bit more with the fuse box and such).
Lade hjemme / Sv: Would the Amina 1 work for me?
torsdag 18. januar 2024, klokken 11:35
Ok, some updates. We are definitely on a 230 system. Which I understand means anyway we can only do single phase.

The electrician came and checked and said he is not sure if he would be able to put a 32 amp cable through the same pipe that the existing 16amp cable is using. This means that if I want that, it looks like we would have to dig up a new hole which he suggested should not be done now, but in the spring/summer... And it would be much more expensive.

Another thing he mentioned is that our electricity capacity right now is 50 amps, which means that if we were to put in a 32amp charger we would most likely need to request for an increase in the capacity plus also installing an additional hardware to monitor how the charge is distributed to avoid the fuse tripping when too many things run at the same time... And this again would increase the price a lot...

The other option he gave was running the charger at 16 amps on the same cable that is right now, but he says that in order to do so, he would need to install a smaller "fuse box" in the garage separating the charger and the existing lights/outlet that are there... Does this make sense or is he just trying to create more work for him?

Lade hjemme / Sv: Would the Amina 1 work for me?
søndag 14. januar 2024, klokken 08:23
Sitat fra: Erik Ola Ulvestad på lørdag 13. januar 2024, klokken 21:34A 'simple' Amina 1 phase at 16A will do you just fine. We have one 20A circuit with two charging boxes, i.e. 4.5 kW, and it is plenty for 2 EVs. It is allways nice to have more "oohmp", but if you are privileged with your private carport/garage and can leave the car charging over night you will probably find it sufficient. Off course, if you drive a very long distance every day, it may not be for you.

@RJK: Just to be picky :-)11kW is not for 1-phase, normally, is it? (Earlier Zoe and trucks, maybe)

And if only connected at single phase 16 amps, is that enough power to have the car preheat the battery (or the inside) while plugged in without decreasing battery charge? Hope the question makes sense ...

I do to feel that if I can charge it overnight then 16 amps would probably be enough as I don't have to charge it every night anyway due to low usage.
Lade hjemme / Sv: Would the Amina 1 work for me?
lørdag 13. januar 2024, klokken 13:30
Thanks so much for all the help. I read in the website shared that "If you have a 230 V IT network - the old power network that is widespread in Norway - you have to make do with single-phase charging"

So it seems this is what I really need to find out. If I can only do single phase, then the Alina 1 sounds like a good option. Otherwise, then something like Zaptec.

Does this make sense?

The house was built in 2011, not sure yet if it is 230 V IT or if that was not used at the time 🤔
Lade hjemme / Sv: Would the Amina 1 work for me?
lørdag 13. januar 2024, klokken 10:36
Sitat fra: RJK på lørdag 13. januar 2024, klokken 02:09Correcting my self here! Looks like it's total effect that determines "effektavgift", so 3-phase vs 1-phase doesn't really matter in that way.

Thanks for all the info. I have to admit I don't understand any of the technical part. Can I ask you: how can I tell if my house has 3-phase TN Net? You know, without paying an electrician just to check this?

I also have no idea if my car supports 3 phase (or what that means 🤣). I have an MG 5 if that says anything?

Thanks you again, much appreciated!
Lade hjemme / Would the Amina 1 work for me?
lørdag 13. januar 2024, klokken 00:18
Hello. Apologies for writing in English; I've moved for work earlier this year so my Norwegian right now is not up to par.

The short story is I bought my first EV, and I also just recently bought a house. That being said, I am a complete ignorant in everything related to how anything electric works...

What I do "know" is that the carport (which is detached from the house and about 10-15m away) has a 16amp course that goes from the house fuse box to the carport where there is one light and one outlet... Am I correct to understand that something like the Amina 1 would work for me in minimizing installation costs and that it should be able to run from the existing 16 amp course and this would be allowed since it is a detached garage?

Also, and again pardon my ignorance: how "hard"/expensive would it be to replace that existing 16 amp course with a 32 one (replace it, not out in a new one)?

I appreciate any help!
Good to know!
Insurance I was well aware of, but I did not know about roof, exterior walls, etc... I guess it makes sense and I imagine it is not a deal breaker, just something to take into consideration. I didn't see any mention on the sales thing about the state of the roof or similar... that I guess is now the question I have in mind. The real estate agent has not been particularly helpful (I think she is annoyed at the fact that I don't speak Norwegian, but well, I got here a month ago so...).

Anyway, thank you again, this is all super useful!
The only place where I see those words is in the Energy Report... so not sure... Again, I am running all through Google Translate...

I think all is here

The info I received about both downstairs and upstairs being responsible for roof was just when I directly asked that question to the real estate agent...
Thank you all for all the help. I really appreciate it!
I got the following information today from the current owner: "In the fuse box in the apartment, there is a separate 16 amp course for the garage/carport. So the electricity that is used there (as of today it is only the light in the sports stall) I pay on my electricity bill."

Again, I am really new to the whole EV world, but would this mean like it should be possible to use that existing 16 amp course that goes from the house to the carport to install a charging box in the car port?

Regarding the house as such: I have made my homework as much as possible; it seems like all is Ok, we like the place, neighborhood, etc, and would mostly be using own savings to buy it, so financially it seems like a sound choice.

The car spot is part of the sale, so it belongs to me, as I understand from the documents.

As for the roof, the real estate agent tells me it is responsibility of the owners of the building, in this case both downstairs and upstairs owners are responsible for the roof. Not sure what that means for me other than  I imagine we would need to share costs for roof maintainance?

Again thank you all. It is definitelly a good feeling to get so much useful information!
Thanks for this. I will try to get this to know more. There is another visning in Tuesday, so if I haven't gotten this before then, I will go to the visning in Tuesday just for this...

I do know the house is from 2011 and I don't think they have updated anything electric since then... nit sure if this tells you anything...
Tha ks. I understand. It's just that this would imply having to ask permission to bring an electrician and paying who knows how much for looking at this, all while other people bid on the place :)

And that is assuming the seller allows me to do that and I can find an electrician willing to do this on short notice hehe

I don't know, I feel like it should be possible to get this done but might require neighbors ti agree or something?
There are no EV currently. Actually, the seller told me there is one from the house right in front of these car poets and that this person outs out s cable literally through their window...
Hello. Sorry, I just recently moved to Norway, so my Norwegian right now is non existent.

I bought an EV just recently. I am thinking of buying a home also; we just saw something we really like, but, it does not have a charging station, and the real estate agent is being less than helpful in finding out if it would be possible later for me to get one...

Basically: it is a "tomannsbolig". It is a house that is horizontally divided, so in reality is one apartment downstairs (the one I am looking at) and one upstairs. Let's call this building A. There is also a building B, exactly the same as this one right next to it, and these two buildings share a line of covered "car ports". These car ports are next to Building B (so not immediately next to the house I am looking at). The shared car ports have regular electric outlets and lights, so there is electricity connected to them somehow...

Here is where (in my ingorant view) it gets tricky... no one seems to know where the electricity in the car ports comes from. Not the real estate agent, not the owner of the apartment we want to buy. They are clueless and are not very helpful...  I imagine the electricity has to be connected to some meter, I mean, surely someone is paying for it? But the real estate agent and seller do not know. To make things worse, both tell me that there is no "housing association" or similar here, there are no "shared costs" and no "shared property", so it is not like I can go and talk to the head of the board because there is no head of the board... There are about 20 meters between the apartment and where the garage is, and this distance crosses both through what would be my front yard, but also the one from my neighbors from building B...

I am completely new to the world of EVs, and new to Norway... all I really need at this point, is to know how feasible or not it would be to setup a charging station in these conditions. I imagine a power line might need to go from my home to the garage, I imagine that properly done would be underground? Again, I really dont know and accept any insights of feedback from you who know more than I do!
Kjøpe elbil? / Sv: Gjorde jeg en feil?
søndag 10. september 2023, klokken 15:23
Var dette lenge siden?  Den jeg kjøpte er 60Kw, visstnok 385 i rekkevidde.  forutsatt at jeg bare bruker 60% (fra 80 til 20), så er det ca 230 Km, derav mine grunnberegninger om å evt. kjøre 4 timer, lade og så 4 til..Jeg ville uansett ikke kjørt mer enn 8 timer om dagen.  Men ja, rekkevidde er definitivt noe som må bli enklere og rimeligere.
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