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Hyundai KONA / Bluelink suddenly stopped working - no idea why
lørdag 22. januar 2022, klokken 14:53
Hello! I have a 2020 Kona Electric that has been humming along nicely since I picked it up from the dealer a little over a year ago.

However, over the last 2-3 days it appears that it is no longer able to connect to the Bluelink network. Either within the car (GPS etc) or via the app. I just get error msgs. Haven't done anything extraordinary to warrant this, in fact, with working from home the car is hardly used at the moment.

When I press the Activate Bluelink option in the car's settings it spins for a bit and then times out saying "Mobile Network not available"

I suppose this means a trip to the dealership but seeing as they're closed until Monday I thought I'd check here to see if anyone has experienced similar?
Ah, good point. I suppose it is more a general question.

And, yes, seems like they must have switched up the cables after 2019 as the one that came with my car is on 3m in length

Appreciate the tip, will check them out :)
Hi there. Am in the process of getting a charger installed in my garage but unfortunately the contractor can only place the unit at the back of the garage. Due to the placement of the garage it's difficult/dangerous to not back the car in when parking, so therefore, I am on the hunt for a long cable that can reach to the front of my Kona.

Does anyone have any recommendations for decently priced cables that are over 5 meters? I have the 3-phase version of the Kona from 2020, so bonus points if it supports that!
Avansert: Batterier og Lading / Detached garage - what are my options?
lørdag 06. februar 2021, klokken 08:32
Hi there! I purchased my first electric car in November (a 2020 Hyundai Kona) and have been charging it on public chargers since then. It has been fine, if not a little expensive. The reason I haven't installed a charger at home is two fold:

1) my garage is detached from my house (about 100m away) amongst a group of garages
2) the Boligbyggelag has been promising since March 2019 that they would be installing power and chargers (via Lyse/Smartly) to the garages

However, a few weeks ago, the project has been put on hold indefinitely as there are apparently some issues with permits from the kommune.

This is, understandably, frustrating. So, really I'd just like to explore my options and see if it's possible to get something installed myself - or if it's just too prohibitively expensive to do so. There is currently no power to the garage area at all and my house is in an awkward spot where I can't just park in front of it and charge with an extension without it blocking the half the road for other cars. Ugh.

has anyone had experience with this sort of thing in the past? I suspect I'm fighting a losing battle, but maybe there's something I've missed that could help?
I received the brake recall letter on Monday and the car is going in this morning. The dealership said it would take about 30 mins.
Thanks for the reply! I guess I never considered placing the stroller on the floor of the passenger seat. Although, I wonder if that might make things a bit unsafe in the event of an accident. I remember from my driving course that they were pretty adamant about securely tying things down in the backseat as they can fly about with some force and, y'know, wouldn't want my first born to get a face full of stroller. Ooph...maybe that was a bit grim...
Hello! My partner and I are expecting our first child in the summer and are already beginning to look at strollers that would fit easily within the Kona's somewhat, ahem, limited boot space. From another post on this forum I saw a recommendation for a Britax Smile stroller but was wondering if any parents out there had experience with others that might fit comfortably and without hassle into the car's boot?
Hyundai / Sv: Feilmelding
onsdag 09. desember 2020, klokken 18:58
Got this same message this morning. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it all worked again.
Hello! I'm interested to find out how other Kona owners out there are keeping their car clean? Now that winter is nearly here and the roads will start to get salted, how often are you washing? Do you do it yourself or at a car wash? What products do you recommend? I'm a new owner and keen to hear this topic discussed!
Hyundai KONA / Sv: Bagasjerommatte med senket plate
søndag 29. november 2020, klokken 09:56
Agreed! It's quite frustrating that the floor mat that came with the car doest fit with the trunk in the lowered position! Can someone please link to the Jula one mentioned above for us non-Norwegian speakers! Takk!
Hello! Thanks to some helpful information in this forum and a few fun test drives, I am now the proud owner of a 2020 Hyundai Kona - expecting to pick up the keys from the dealership either today or tomorrow.

In the excitement for my first EV, I've been googling what possible additional features there are and how I can integrate the car better with my (somewhat) smart home. I found this article from 2017 ( that states that it should be possible to connect the car with my Google Home/Assistant so I can turn it on remotely by voice. A bit gimmicky, I know, but would be fun to test out nonetheless.

Am just wondering if this functionality is actually possible here in Norway, as I tried to look for the option to set it up in the Google Home app but didn't find anything. Is there anyone out there with experience?

Secondly, for the first few months I will need to charge the car at the office, as my housing cooperative has been dragging its feet to install chargers in our neighbourhood (should have started work in March but still nothing!) - so, what I'd like to ask, is if it's still possible to remotely start the car (set temp etc) without it being plugged in to charge? I guess this is all stuff I will find out when I pick it up, but just thought I'd ask ahead of time. thanks!
Hyundai KONA / Sv: Hyundai Kona 39kWh - is it worth the buy?
fredag 23. oktober 2020, klokken 11:05
Sitat fra: Contango på fredag 23. oktober 2020, klokken 00:03
Have you looked at Opel Corsa/Peugeot e208? More modern cars, cheaper, and with comparable range.

Yes! I actually test drove both of these on the same day. They were equally as nice but I preferred how you sit higher up in the Kona, plus it was a little bigger. Although with all this battery malarkey and it being an import, I may just end up going with the Peugeot - it's a very nice little car.
Hyundai KONA / Sv: Hyundai Kona 39kWh - is it worth the buy?
fredag 23. oktober 2020, klokken 11:03
Sitat fra: TB på torsdag 22. oktober 2020, klokken 23:16
Få tilbakekalling med i kjøpekontrakten, at selger er ansvarlig for eventuelle ekstra kostnader, eller ta tilbake bilen.

Høyst trolig vil Hyundai dekke utbedringen av batteriet, uavhengig om bilen først ble kjøpt i Tyskland, men veit ikke hva som kan oppstå. Har en det i kontrakten står en sterkere (så lenge selger "ønsker" og er i stand til å ta bilen tilbake..)

This is an excellent idea and certainly something to consider. Thank you.
Hyundai KONA / Sv: Hyundai Kona 39kWh - is it worth the buy?
onsdag 21. oktober 2020, klokken 20:02
Thanks for the response and the info! That link you shared has sent my head spinning however! So many conflicting reports about what does and doesn't come with an imported Kona. I emailed the dealer to ask what country it was originally imported from and he confirmed it was Germany. He also sent along a full equipment list, which included the heatpump, but now wish I had looked under the hood more closely yesterday.

I guess my biggest concern is whether the range on this car will be under what I could get for a comparable e-golf? I don't need crazy amounts of range but at the low end of things I suspect that 50km or so goes a long way...
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