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"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / SimpBMS
« på: Onsdag 27. Oktober 2021, klokken 18:03 »

Does anyone happen to have a SimpBMS with / without Teensy onboard for sale?


Does anyone have a SimpBMS with / without Teensy on board for sale?

Much appreciated,


Avansert: Batterier og Lading / SimpBMS
« på: Onsdag 27. Oktober 2021, klokken 09:43 »

Does anyone happen to have a SimpBMS with/without Teensy onboard for sale?


Er det noen som har en SimpBMS med/uten Teensy ombord til salgs?

Much appreciated,


My Th!nk City original charger worked fine, until I wanted to test out the Quick Charge - and it worked. I only tried it once, for about an hour. However, since that day, the charger's "Power Fault" and "Car Link Fault" diodes start blinking 4 times immediately after I disconnect the charger, either from the car, or from the main outlet. It doesn't matter if it charges the car completely for hours, or just minutes. or when it's connected to a car or not. While the diodes blink I am not able to charge the car. It needs a couple of hours to "reset?" or "cool down?" and then it works again. The charger is not hot, rather only slightly warm on touch.

What could be the reason for this?

I have a popping sound when I turn the steering all the way left and all the way right, also when changing direction: when starting to move backwards and then forward. It only pops once.

The "pop" sound is to be heard somewhere around the left suspension. The sound is similar like hitting a suspension spring with a hammer, if that makes sense. Nothing else can be felt while driving.

The car was stationery for quite some time, around 1 year or so, before it got repaired.

Is there a shock absorber bearing in these cars? Could this be causing a problem?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Th!nk City Diagnostic Tool
« på: Lørdag 13. Mars 2021, klokken 19:30 »

I am looking to rent out a PCAN-USB adapter IPEH-002021 or IPEH-002022.
Does anyone have one?


Jeg ønsker å leie ut en PCAN-USB-adapter IPEH-002021 eller IPEH-002022.
Er det noen som har en?



I have just bought a Th!nk City 2010 car with a Zebra battery.
The previous owner stated that the car won't take charge.
The car hasn't been charged for, at least, a year.

First thing I tried is to charge the 12V battery for a couple of days. Everything worked as supposed to (lights, horn, mirrors, radio, wipers etc.), however the "power limit" was blinking and the red triangle was lit all the time. When I plugged in the original charger, the external power supply indicator on top of the dashboard (the right one) lit up and the left one was blinking. The "car link" diod on the charger was blinking. The red triangle on the dashboard remained lit. No other warning lamp is lit.

I have bought a brand new Varta B18 12V battery and replaced it. The symptoms remained the same as with the old battery. I have connected a multimeter to a 12V socket and it shows 12.0V. When I turn the lights on and the fan to the maximum (nothing else), it shows 11.6V. When I connect the car to a charger, it says 12.5V. When I turn the ignition key, the charge level gauge slowly raise to 35%.

I have no PCAN device, so at the moment I am not able to provide with more information.
Can you recommend a cheap one I could get, perhaps somewhere online?
Or I could borrow one from the local mechanics.

I am located in Serbia, unfortunately we don't have EV mechanics yet anywhere around.

Any of your help will be much appreciated.


Tidlige elbiler: Think / Th!nk CoC (Certificate of Conformity)
« på: Onsdag 18. November 2020, klokken 14:57 »

I would like to import a Th!nk City (2010) car to Serbia from Austria.
The customs are looking for a CoC (Certificate of Conformity) document.

Is there a way to download it or get it from the manufacturer?
Maybe some user of this forum could supply me with it?

Thank you,


Google translate:


Jeg vil gjerne importere en Th! Nk City (2010) bil til Serbia fra Østerrike.
Tollvesenet leter etter et CoC-dokument (Certificate of Conformity).

Er det en måte å laste den ned eller få fra produsenten?
Kanskje noen brukere av dette forumet kunne forsyne meg med det?

Takk skal du ha,

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