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Avansert: Batterier og Lading / Detached garage - what are my options?
« på: Lørdag 06. Februar 2021, klokken 08:32 »
Hi there! I purchased my first electric car in November (a 2020 Hyundai Kona) and have been charging it on public chargers since then. It has been fine, if not a little expensive. The reason I haven't installed a charger at home is two fold:

1) my garage is detached from my house (about 100m away) amongst a group of garages
2) the Boligbyggelag has been promising since March 2019 that they would be installing power and chargers (via Lyse/Smartly) to the garages

However, a few weeks ago, the project has been put on hold indefinitely as there are apparently some issues with permits from the kommune.

This is, understandably, frustrating. So, really I'd just like to explore my options and see if it's possible to get something installed myself - or if it's just too prohibitively expensive to do so. There is currently no power to the garage area at all and my house is in an awkward spot where I can't just park in front of it and charge with an extension without it blocking the half the road for other cars. Ugh.

has anyone had experience with this sort of thing in the past? I suspect I'm fighting a losing battle, but maybe there's something I've missed that could help?

Hyundai KONA / Any recommendations for baby pram/stroller for Kona electric?
« på: ſøndag 10. Januar 2021, klokken 10:00 »
Hello! My partner and I are expecting our first child in the summer and are already beginning to look at strollers that would fit easily within the Kona's somewhat, ahem, limited boot space. From another post on this forum I saw a recommendation for a Britax Smile stroller but was wondering if any parents out there had experience with others that might fit comfortably and without hassle into the car's boot?

Hyundai KONA / Keeping my Kona clean - your thoughts/recommendations on washing
« på: ſøndag 29. November 2020, klokken 22:06 »
Hello! I'm interested to find out how other Kona owners out there are keeping their car clean? Now that winter is nearly here and the roads will start to get salted, how often are you washing? Do you do it yourself or at a car wash? What products do you recommend? I'm a new owner and keen to hear this topic discussed!

Hyundai KONA / Remote starting a Kona with Google Home/Bluelink support
« på: Torsdag 29. Oktober 2020, klokken 09:19 »
Hello! Thanks to some helpful information in this forum and a few fun test drives, I am now the proud owner of a 2020 Hyundai Kona - expecting to pick up the keys from the dealership either today or tomorrow.

In the excitement for my first EV, I've been googling what possible additional features there are and how I can integrate the car better with my (somewhat) smart home. I found this article from 2017 ( that states that it should be possible to connect the car with my Google Home/Assistant so I can turn it on remotely by voice. A bit gimmicky, I know, but would be fun to test out nonetheless.

Am just wondering if this functionality is actually possible here in Norway, as I tried to look for the option to set it up in the Google Home app but didn't find anything. Is there anyone out there with experience?

Secondly, for the first few months I will need to charge the car at the office, as my housing cooperative has been dragging its feet to install chargers in our neighbourhood (should have started work in March but still nothing!) - so, what I'd like to ask, is if it's still possible to remotely start the car (set temp etc) without it being plugged in to charge? I guess this is all stuff I will find out when I pick it up, but just thought I'd ask ahead of time. thanks!

Hyundai KONA / Hyundai Kona 39kWh - is it worth the buy?
« på: Onsdag 21. Oktober 2020, klokken 13:50 »
Hi there! Firstly, apologies for the English, my Norwegian isn't anywhere near good enough to chat competently about cars, yet...

I'm in the market for my first electric car, and have been eying the Kona. However, for my needs (and budget) the bigger battery version isn't necessary and I've noticed there are a number of 2019 imported 39kWh versions hovering around 300,000kr on Finn.

I test drove one yesterday and really liked it (had all the options I wanted and then some) but as I'm relatively new to Norway (and buying cars here) I just wanted to check with someone who potentially already owns one if there are any downsides to buying one of these cars that were never officially released here? Like, is there a problem with getting them serviced locally in the event that something breaks? The guy at the dealship said there wouldn't be, but then he's incentivised to say that everything will be fine haha

I guess I'm just interested to know if it's a good buy at that price, compared to what else is on the market. Most of the other cars around this price/range are smaller, for example. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Model 3 / Is it worth buying used Model 3 with high mileage?
« på: ſøndag 04. Oktober 2020, klokken 12:55 »
Hi all! Apologies for the English. I'm in the market for a Model 3 but am shopping around for a used one as the management (read: missus) doesn't consent to spending so much upfront on a brand new car. I'm based in Stavanger and saw this listing on Finn at a reasonable price:

However, the car seems to have unusually high mileage (43k+ km) for being just over a year old. This would be my first electric car (and first in Norway), so unsure if this is a red flag and if there's anything else I should be wary of? Any owners out there with similarly high KM happy to share their experience?

For reference, my typical commute is from home (Hundvåg) to work (Forus) - approx 30km round trip. With a drive to Bergen 2-3 times per year.

BMW i3 / Considering buying second hand i3 as first car - any recommendations?
« på: Mandag 24. Februar 2020, klokken 19:49 »
Hello. First time poster, medium-length lurker.

I'm on schedule to complete my Norwegian driving license by the end of March and am on the hunt for my first electric car - or first car at all, for that matter (I've always lived in cities with great public transport/cabs but Stavanger has finally broken me!).

After doing enough hours of internet research to make one's head spin, I think that I have finally settled on a 2018 i3. I like the fact that it's built from the ground up as an EV, has a decent range and a good amount of tech, is actually a lot roomier than it appears, and has (importantly) received a nod of discerning approval from the missus.

What I'd like to ask the fine people of elbil is if you have any recommendations about buying one used? It will be primarily used for a daily commute from Hundvag to Forus (approx 35km round trip) with maybe an occasional road trip to Bergen to visit the mother-in-law (range permitting).

As far as options go, I'm interested in the adaptive cruise control, rear camera and HK sound system. But is there anything else that is a must-have? Like collision detection, for instance.

Are the tires on these things as expensive/wear out as fast as all the whinging on the internet would suggest? And how much would a replacement set cost? I can't seem to figure out if the 2018 model is the one that has different front and back wheels or not.

I have a budget of 250k kr in mind, which seems to be a little bit under the current asking price on Finn, but do you think there's room to bargain down with either private sellers or showrooms?

Apologies for all the questions (and the English!) and I appreciate any help you guys are willing to offer :)

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