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Tesla / Poor man's mattress for your Tesla (IKEA hack)
onsdag 01. februar 2023, klokken 19:53

I thought I would do a blog post of my custom poor mans mattress for my Model Y. This also applies to any Tesla you want to sleep in.

Håper du liker det :)

Model 3 / How I removed scratches on my M3 rear camera
torsdag 05. mai 2022, klokken 08:55
Hei all,

I will do this in english, as its easier for me, but feel free to reply in norsk.

The kona scratched the lens up while trying to clean the camera incorrectly. As a result the picture now looks like this.

All I did was use Biltema Metallpolish for a couple of minutes with a clean microfibre cloth and its as good as new.



Hope it helps someone out there :)

Hi all,

Sorry for english, but its easier for me to write. Reply back in Norsk as I can read it no problem :)

I was driving up the E6 a few days ago and it had been snowing heavily that morning. It then started raining and conditions were quite slippery.

I was doing about 90km/h (that was stupid, I know!) in the fast lane, and I suddenly hit some "slaps" loose snow. All of a sudden my car was fish tailing five or six times. At that moment I thought it was game over and my car was going to hit the central barrier. Somehow I managed to correct it and I saved it. It really shook me up :(

So I was thinking, maybe I let go of the accelerator when I saw the pile of snow in the road and the regen braking is what caused me to fish tail?? My regen is set to standard. It happened so quickly I dont really know what caused it.

Anyone else running their regen on LOW in the winter? It seems quite a few people in the US have complained about this at least. Was wondering if anyone has experienced this in Norway?



ADDITIONAL INFO: My tyres are the standard 19" Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2's. Also after moving from the UK six years ago, I have never had any issues driving in the snow/ice/rain. This was my biggest scare by far. New respect for slaps :)

Just wondering what the procedure is for your spare set of dekks when taking delivery of the car? Will I receive my sommerdekk when I take delivery of my car later this year? I change the dekks myself so I dont want it sent to a dekkhotel. (sounds like The Julekalender :))

Or dont they have stock and you have to wait until spring?

Takk, og svar på norsk :)

Model S 2013 - 2022 / Hjelp! 75D eller 100D?
tirsdag 19. september 2017, klokken 19:17
Hi there,

I am looking at ordering a new Model S 75D. Its already at the high end of my budget, so I think a 100D is out of the question. But I wondering if you think a 75D is okay for daily commute to Oslo, around 50km tur-retur, and then the 1 or 2 holidays a year where I drive long distance? What about winter? Or should I really think about perhaps getting a demo model 100D instead?

Would it be silly to waste the extra 150KNOK (for a new 100D) just for a bigger battery?

*** Svare på norsk :) ***

Takk skal du ha!

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