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"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / New speakers
« på: Lørdag 17. April 2021, klokken 13:54 »
I found a new speakers that turn out to be direct match of the original ones, but 13 cm instead of the original 10cm.
The model is Pioneer TS-G1320F.
From here
Around 300kr with shipping included.

The inner bolt pattern is exactly the same as the one on the Think door.
There is a need for 6mm adapter ring so the new speaker sticks out compared to the original one, but the speaker cover remains the same.
I will upload some photos and a 3d print model of the adapter ring if there is an interest.

Here are some photos:

Edit 2:
Here is the 3d print file:

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Speaker cover
« på: Mandag 12. April 2021, klokken 10:35 »
My speaker covers are falling all the time and are beginning to crack.
So I made a 3d model of a speaker cover and 3d print it.
Here are some photos of it. I will upload the model if there is any interest in it.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Changing bearings in gearbox
« på: ſøndag 26. Januar 2020, klokken 23:04 »
I have opened the gearbox and want to change the bearings in it.
I see the markings on the bearings that are in now, but wonder if you managed to find a better bearings.
Or if you have a gull list of all the bearings that are needed.

Thanks in advance,

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / grease fittings?
« på: Mandag 25. November 2019, klokken 17:55 »
Are these "grease fittings" something that could/should be mounted on the Think?

Ladeplasser og ladekabler / Vi har det bra...
« på: Tirsdag 12. November 2019, klokken 20:13 »
... i vissa länder slåss man om laddare

Kjøp og salg av deler og utstyr / Eltek powercharger 3000 till salu
« på: Fredag 16. August 2019, klokken 01:13 »
Finns i Sverige - kan skickas.
Högsta bud över 3500 norska kr.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Spare roof panel for Think?
« på: ſøndag 16. Juni 2019, klokken 11:31 »
I am looking for alternatives to fix my cracked panel.
Have any of you in Europe by any chance a roof panel?
Ideally blue in color and with opening for sunroof, but even other colors and with no opening would be fine.


Tidlige elbiler: Think / How to repair crack on the roof
« på: Torsdag 30. Mai 2019, klokken 20:24 »
I found two cracks on the roof. See attached photos.
I drilled hole to stop the crack (maybe I a bit bigger than it should have been) and am now considering how to repair the cracks. I have come up with 3 options:
 - ABS gluing - there are these ABS sticks and a heatgun at the local Hornbach
 - Marine silicone -
 - Marine 1 component polyurethane -

Ultimately I should remove the roof and re-enforce the panel from the back with a steel grid and then fill it with something... but this is really not something I have time for. So what would be the next best thing?

Am I really only delaying the need for removing the panel and fixing this properly?


"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / 3d model of the aux battery holder
« på: Onsdag 22. Mai 2019, klokken 23:12 »
I am restoring a car with a missing 12v battery holder.
I was hoping to build the bracket out of laser cut steel or reinforced acrylic plate.
So I need to build a model of it.
Any help is very appreciated!

I am attaching a composite of what looks like isometric view of the bracket.

Is there any place where I can download/access the standard used between the charger and the BMS in the Think?
I am troubleshooting a broken charger and it would make it much easier if I can isolate eventual problems.

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Fuse for 230V charging
« på: Tirsdag 21. Mai 2019, klokken 09:16 »
I am helping restore a Think to a working order and found that the fuse for the 230VAC input is blown.
It seems it is a 15A slow fuse (time delay)...
What is the reasoning behind using a slow fuse? Inrush currents in charger?
I am considering replacing it with a 20A fast fuse, so it actually can protect a charger and other electronics.
Any advice would be appreciated.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Renovation of front suspension
« på: Torsdag 25. April 2019, klokken 21:34 »
I bought a Think that reportedly has had problem with gearbox.
So the electric motor and the gearbox (in one unit) as well as the drive shafts and the PCU are in the trunk of the car.

I am thinking of trying to reassemble the whole thing, but noticed that the ball-bearings (and some other parts around them seem quite rusty. They have been more or less exposed to the elements for about 5 years.

What would be a replacement bearing part number?
Should I look to replace more parts? Like the whole front strut?

Is it hard to do?
Would you do it, or would you just get rid of the car?

Here are some photos...

Think City "Classic" (2000 - 2002 mod) / Dör handtag
« på: Tirsdag 16. April 2019, klokken 14:54 »
The door handle on the driver side is broken.

Any of you have one handy?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Cruise control on a Think 2009?
« på: Torsdag 04. April 2019, klokken 11:34 »
Vet ni om det skulle gå att eftermontera cruise control på en Think med Gen 1 PCU?

When plugging in a Think with Gen1 PCU to the outlet the charging is interrupted several times (4-6 times) in quick succession, and then the charging continues.
During this period a noise (like leaking capacitor?) is audible.
Once the charging starts there is no problem and the car is charging ok. This occurs only during the start of the charge.

During the interruptions the diagnostic equipment is reporting unusually high AC input voltage - 250VAC. When the charge starts the voltage is reported normally - around 230VAC.

Any ideas what this could be?
What can we measure or check?

Could it be something with the isolation transformer and the soft starter for it (in the floor behind the driver) or is it something in the PCU?

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