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Kjøpe elbil? / Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« på: tirsdag 13. august 2019, klokken 20:52 »
Thank you all for your advice, it really helped us to decide. In the end we were able to buy the kona from my colleague. We've had it for 3 weeks now and are very satisfied. The range is even better than expected and there is enough space for our 2 kids in the back. My husband has even sat in the middle a few times and it was fine.

Kjøpe elbil? / Sv: Elbil NOK 400,000
« på: tirsdag 28. mai 2019, klokken 19:37 »
Thank you so much for all your answers. This has been really useful.
We are now considering either a Tesla model 3 long range with rear wheel drive as it has the longest range (600km wltp). Even though it is 50,000NOK above what we would have liked to spend but might serve us the longest. We also have a friend who is selling their Hyundai Kona.

Is there a difference in winter between Kona and Tesla concerning the loss in range?

Do you think 3 kids in children car seats can fit in the back (ours plus a friend)?

Kia e-niro also sounds good and we hadn't considered it before but unfortunately not many cars come up on Finn.

Hyundai KONA / Sv: Bilstol
« på: tirsdag 28. mai 2019, klokken 19:22 »
Yes sorry, I mean for children. Thanks!

Hyundai KONA / Bilstol
« på: mandag 27. mai 2019, klokken 20:43 »
Sorry to write in English. Has anyone managed to fit 3 car seats in the back?
Thanks a lot!

Model 3 / Sv: Pris SR og LR RWD
« på: tirsdag 14. mai 2019, klokken 16:10 »
Sorry to write in English. It says "“Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive will also now include Autopilot in the base price. As a result, the base price of Long Range Rear-WHeel Drive will increase by $1,400 in the U.S. and by $,1000 (or market equivalent) in all other markets where it is available off-menu.”

Kjøpe elbil? / Elbil NOK 400,000
« på: søndag 12. mai 2019, klokken 22:22 »
Hi all,

I am sorry to write in English. We've just moved to Oslo recently but please answer in either Norwegian or English. Admin please delete if English is not allowed.

I've been following this forum for a while and have found it extremely useful.

We have 2 small kids. We commute around 70- 80kms every day. We live in an apartment but I can charge at work 1-2 days/nights per week. Otherwise, we would be using fast charging.

Given that we can not charge at home I narrowed down my search to cars with a long range. Our maximum budget is around 400,000. I am thinking of either Tesla SR+ or Hyundai Kona from Finn. What speaks for Tesla is that it has more storage space and the supercharger network and that we don't have to look for a private seller but I didnt like the screen that much. Kona has a 40km longer range and the quality of built seems better. What are your views?

Is there any other car I should consider? I found some 1 year old chevrolet bolts for 310000 on Finn.

Thanks a lot and sorry for writing in English. Any advice would very much be appreciated. We are new to owning a car in general and electric one in particular.

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