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Meldinger - Jeronan

Tesla SW og AP / Sv: 503 Servervedlikehold - Flere med denne idag?
tirsdag 14. februar 2023, klokken 22:56
Sitat fra: Motorwatt på tirsdag 14. februar 2023, klokken 22:31
Har du prøvd å resette bilen?

Doesn´t help.  Can still unlock the car with my phone. Just cannot use any functions in the app. It hasn´t updated for over 10 hours now.
I am also getting 504 errors now, next to 503.
Tesla / Sv: Tesla fjerner ultralydsensorene fra nye biler
onsdag 16. november 2022, klokken 10:01
Well, as long as they don't deactivate the Ultrasonic sensors on existing cars. :+1:

I won't be buying another Tesla anyway. :P
Model Y / Sv: Mulig kaputt hovedbatteri til model Y
tirsdag 16. august 2022, klokken 21:29
Outch that is a long wait. :(
Model Y / Sv: Mulig kaputt hovedbatteri til model Y
tirsdag 16. august 2022, klokken 09:12
Sitat fra: kensund på torsdag 04. august 2022, klokken 20:10
Great news for you  :+1:. Tesla Porsgrunn Will on monday have an senior technician to have a look on my car.
Hopefully mine is just as easy to fix!

Any news on what your problem was? Is it fixed?
Model Y / Sv: Mulig kaputt hovedbatteri til model Y
torsdag 04. august 2022, klokken 19:22
They finally worked today on our Model Y troubleshooting and finished repairs regarding 12V issues and Charge port not detected warnings.

"During investigation detected, one HV connector was not pushed all the way in and secured, due to protection cover was not installed correctly. Reattached cover and reconnect connector - push/pull test passed, no more alerts visible during test."

Regarding charge port issue: "replaced the Charge port to HV battery (3-phase) cable."

So going to pick up the car tomorrow and hope everything will be fine for a good long while again. :P
Model Y / Sv: Mulig kaputt hovedbatteri til model Y
onsdag 03. august 2022, klokken 08:57
Maybe. Back in Vestlandet last week, the car was hooked to a Tesla wallbox all night with slow charging overnight and yet the 12V slowly drained overnight.

Tesla K100 finally contacted me yesterday morning (took them long enough) and had to deliver it to the SC for further diagnosis. So car is parked at K100 now and got a Model3 loaner.

So now its a waiting game until they start on the car and find out what the problem is.

Since I also have gotten two times a message about the Charge port not detected, unable to charge. It could definitely be something like the High voltage regulator/loose connection or something in that direction.

But at this point it's all speculation, so just have to wait for an answer from the SC.
Model Y / Sv: Mulig kaputt hovedbatteri til model Y
tirsdag 02. august 2022, klokken 08:15
Sitat fra: Handyman på mandag 01. august 2022, klokken 19:45
Sitat fra: Jeronan på mandag 01. august 2022, klokken 10:48
.. drove around for 20 mins to charge up the 12V via the dynamo....
Tesla har ikke dynamo (ingen andre elbiler heller etter det jeg vet), og man lader ikke 12V-batteriet bedre ved å kjøre rundt.
Batteriet lades av en 400V->12V DC/DC-converter uten bevegelige deler, så lenge fremdriftsbatteriet er innkoblet.

Well the issue is that the 12V gets charged up during driving and then most of the warnings disappear, but when parked and hooked up to the wall box, it depletes overnight.

For now, I managed to prevent the 12V draining down again, by keeping the car powered off.

Service team said that the vehicle has two different ways to top up the 12V battery. So I am curious as to what this second method is then.
Model Y / Sv: Mulig kaputt hovedbatteri til model Y
mandag 01. august 2022, klokken 10:48
Exact same issue here with our Model Y.  Just on last day of our holiday as well, after 25k KM (mostly) troublefree km's.

Couldn't get the car into drive last Thursday (with same messages you got), so had to wait for 4 hours in Vestlandet before the local berging came in person car to boost the 12V battery. I then managed to drive it to Tesla SC in Ålesund, who replaced the 12V battery and said it was just that and I was on my way again.
Since it was too late to start the long drive back home, we waited till the next morning and lo and behold! Same problem again. 12V battery was drained again!  >:(

Luckily after half an hour I managed to get the car into drive, drove around for 20 mins to charge up the 12V via the dynamo, packed the car and start driving home (as I have to work from monday and didn't want to be stuck in Vestlandet with the closest SC 2 hours away).   We managed to get home and now I am waiting for Mobile Service to call me back on an update.
They think Ålesund SC messed up with reapplying the firmware after 12V swap as they see in the system that the 12V isn't recognized, but that seems to be too simple as its clearly the main pack that no longs keeps the 12V charged up. Which is the real issue as to why it drains overnight when parked.

4 weeks ago I had to brake hard on the E6 on way home and suddenly I got a message that the charge port is not detected, unable to charge.
Since it was just before our planned Summer holiday, Tesla mobile service came and preventively replaced the entire charge port.
But last Thursday after they replaced the 12V battery in Ålesund, we stopped in Moa for dinner and when we drove off the parking lot and hit a small hole in the ground, the car shaked a bit and I got the exact same message again about "Charge Port not detected, unable to charge", which went immediately away again.

So my gut feeling tells me these two issues are related.  ::)

Now its a waiting game to get them to contact me, with the car standing in our car port with the same message again that the 12V battery needs to be replaced.  :-\
It seems to have helped to power off the car on friday and leave it alone over the weekend, as it seems the 12V has luckily not drained much with no additional "Not all electrical features are supported" message popping up (yet), like last week.
Model Y / Sv: Flere med defekt varmepumpe?
tirsdag 08. februar 2022, klokken 10:10
Sitat fra: Klykken på mandag 07. februar 2022, klokken 12:37
Sist jeg hadde leiebil fra eksternt (AVIS) gjennom Tesla leverte jeg den hos Tesla SC. Det var riktignok i 2018.

Ellers ikke mistet varmen helt i vår Y, men har vært meget ustabilt fra rundt -10C og kaldere. Perioder med såvidt lunk i 5min før den veksler til sauna de neste 20minuttene og tilbake til lunk - rinse and repeat..

Same issue we have when it gets below -5 or so. Becomes really unstable and uncomfortable with these extreme temp swings in the cabin.

The moment its plus degrees its fine. /sigh
Model Y / Sv: TMY sliter med varmen i kulda
fredag 04. februar 2022, klokken 10:59
Sitat fra: Handyman på torsdag 03. februar 2022, klokken 12:46
Sitat fra: lars667 på torsdag 03. februar 2022, klokken 12:19
Jo, har lest om det, men har ikke sjekket nå. Og roadside hadde ikke noe tips om det. Forhåpentligvis kan de montere hengerfeste om det ikke er noe mer feil. Har vel versjon 2021.44.30.7.
Da har du jo en gammel versjon, som jeg tror flere har hatt problemer med.

I am on 2022.4 now and this week when temps were down to -9 / -10 degrees again and had to go to the office two days, I noticed yet again that the AC is struggling and unable to keep the cabin at consistent temperature.
Model Y / Sv: Nyttelast Model Y
onsdag 26. januar 2022, klokken 12:33
Sitat fra: turfsurf på onsdag 26. januar 2022, klokken 12:24
Kjenner alle argumentene du kommer med her, og er ikke mye uenig. Men jeg er av den oppfatning at noe er bedre enn ingenting, og en bil er såpass kostbar at det er både enkelt og vesentlig å gjøre noe med. Holdningen "mitt bidrag gjør jo ikke noe fra eller til" synes jeg er forkastelig og egoistisk. Hadde alle handlet slik til enhver tid hadde aldri ting blitt bedre.

Så er det jo slik at mere og mere produksjon flyttes ut av Kina, så det blir jo bedre på sikt. Vi går ihvertfall spennende tider i møte...

Do you think the Chinese government lies awake if you boycott buying a China made Tesla? The Shanghai gigafactory was never ment to deliver cars to Europe. It's main target market is Asia and Oceania.

It was just happen stance that the Giga factory production ramped up quicker than expected, combined with capacity problems in USA Fremont, that Tesla decided last year summer to deliver surpluss production cars to Europe, instead of having them standing outside the factory catching dust until other target countries in Asia were ready to receive shipments ( like Hong Kong, osv ).

When Gigafactory Berlin gets in full swing and able to start producing both Model 3 and Y, then no car will come from Shanghai to Europe anymore.
Though, your Berlin made Tesla will still be filled with China made components, just like any other car from Mercedes, BMW, VW, osv.

So your boycott is mute and in a way a bit hypcritical.  :P
Model Y / Sv: Nyttelast Model Y
onsdag 26. januar 2022, klokken 12:17
Sitat fra: turfsurf på onsdag 26. januar 2022, klokken 11:45

For min del handler det ikke om kvalitet men om å bidra  mindre til ett politisk regime som jeg mener truer verdensfreden og vårt levesett. Vanskelig å unngå varer fra Kina helt, men noe kan man jo prøve...

It's too late to stop China now and it's neigh on impossible to buy something these days that is either not made in China or at worst contains components that were manufactured in China.

A lot of products that say they are made in Sweden, Germany, Eastern Europe, osv are often just assembled there only with components manufactured in China.

Even your piece of salmon you buy in the Supermarket has been shipped to China for processing and packaging, for it then to be sent back to Norway where they then put a sticker on the package that its from Norway, without you knowing it passed through Chinese hands.

Your own house you bought is most likely filled with components and equipment manufactured in China.

So good luck boycotting China.  :+1:

PS. Things are also not as black and white as people make it out to be. The Chinese regime might be bad, but for many normal people in China their life standards have significantly improved over the last years, with increased wages (due to global political pressure on western companies ).
Today there is actually a middle class now in China or companies like Tesla wouldn't be able to sell anything there.

China is also not the only country with human rights problems. Have a look at what happens in India or worse, Bangladesh (where most of your clothes come from).
Model Y / Sv: Nyttelast Model Y
fredag 21. januar 2022, klokken 09:41
Sitat fra: Thalgar på fredag 21. januar 2022, klokken 09:35
Det har kome endå ei ny typegodkjenning av Model Y, med følgande interessante opplysing:

"Add 250 kg cargo capacity to Sanyou brake disks".

Det KAN jo tyda på at det er bremsene som har vore problemet til no.

That would be strange, as in US they updated the Model Y cargo capacity 1 - 1/2 year ago already with the release of the 7-seater and both 5 and 7 seater were updated to 525kg capacity without making any changes.

Since the car has a max. weight capacity of 3971kg and the max. axle weight capacity is 2683kg, so the brakes should be dimensioned for at least the max. axle weight?
So then updating our existing registrations and add an extra 100-150kg to nyttelast shouldn't be any issue.

Remember, about 5 years ago, Tesla did update existing registrations for some Model S cars to increase "nyttelast".
So they have done it before.
Model Y / Sv: TMY sliter med varmen i kulda
tirsdag 18. januar 2022, klokken 15:47
Tesla Service called me today, since I have the service appointment this friday.

Asking if I still experience issues with the AC since last software update. I told them that the AC has indeed been quite stable the past week, though it hasn't been really cold yet to fully test it.
He agreed and we moved the appointment to early February, giving some time for cold temps to come back and test more.

I also noticed 2 weeks ago that the heat threads in the windshield (to clear ice from the front cameras) no longer seems to be working. So he immediately made a new separate service request for this, with open date, so that a new windshield can come in first, before I deliver the car for diagnosis and testing. So that when the windshield needs replacing they have it in stock.

I must say I am actually impressed by this. This is how their service should work. Kuddos again for Tesla Karihaugen. :+1:
Model Y / Sv: TMY sliter med varmen i kulda
lørdag 15. januar 2022, klokken 17:53
Sitat fra: Handyman på lørdag 15. januar 2022, klokken 13:29
For meg er det like uforståelig at noen seriøst kan tro at Tesla ikke tester bilene i kaldt klima, som at noen kan tro at jorda er flat.
Uansett grundig testing på forhånd er man ikke garantert at det ikke blir problemer. Det er romfartsindustrien et godt eksempel på. Få (eller ingen) andre miljøer tester mer i forkant. Likevel er det ofte forbundet med stor spenning om alt funker når det skal.

Maybe Tesla can explain why they door handles on the Model 3 and Y still freeze up on very cold days after all this time on the market and we have to bang with the palm of our hand to brake the ice inside the handle housing to be able to open the door?  ::) :P

Don't get me wrong though. I take the handles on our Model Y any day over the ones on our previous Model S. :P

Either way. It's at least a positive development that Tesla has opened up a Test center in Alaska.
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