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Zoe / Sv: Nytt problem - kontroller ESC med mer
« på: Torsdag 28. Juli 2022, klokken 16:34 »
If you switch the car "on" and leave it like this, or go for a drive, this should recharge the 12V battery.
That might take care of the problem.

Renault Megane E-TECH / Sv: Når kommer denne i butikkene?
« på: Torsdag 21. Juli 2022, klokken 22:58 »
I test drove one yesterday, very very nice car to drive!

Zoe / Sv: Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: ſøndag 10. Juli 2022, klokken 22:13 »
Looks like step 1 is not needed. But maybe it is because I entered my VIN in the Renault Connect Toolbox app on the PC after I launched it...

Zoe / Sv: Zoé ZE50: Tips and tricks
« på: Lørdag 09. Juli 2022, klokken 22:14 »
Thanks! I updated the first post with all the tips and trick with it :)

Zoe / Sv: Lading med "støvsugeren" på Zoe 50
« på: Fredag 24. Juni 2022, klokken 11:13 »
I have had a Podpoint home charge with a transformer since day one and it has worked like a charm.
It charges at around 3 kW/6% per hour, nice and stable.
It is definitely worth the 10-15kNOK investment.

Zoe / Sv: Lading med "støvsugeren" på Zoe 50
« på: Torsdag 23. Juni 2022, klokken 09:31 »
I see the same...
Fun fact: it starts ok with around 3 kW arriving to the car at the beginning, but then as soon as the fan starts to cool down the adapter, it goes down to 2.4 kW.
On the plus side, if it is really cold out there the fan does not work so hard so you get more in. But since you use more to drive around during winter you get fewer km range per hour anyway.
This is bad indeed.
This is why using this adapter is not a good long term solution for charging at home, at least if you need to charge with at least 3 kW.
Much better to install a transformer at home and then just use a normal Type 2 cable from the charger on the wall.
Something like this:

Zoe / Sv: Lading av ZOE for Dummies -en nybegynner guide.
« på: Mandag 13. Juni 2022, klokken 15:48 »
Maybe it is the cable?
Try with another one if you can...
If still not then something is probably wrong and get it checked at a garage.

Zoe / Sv: Lading av ZOE for Dummies -en nybegynner guide.
« på: Mandag 13. Juni 2022, klokken 13:34 »
Are you sure they are 22 kW chargers?
Anything 11 and above should work fine out of the box.
Can you tell us which charger it is if it is possible to find it in an app?

Zoe / Sv: Start av forvarming fra app fungerer nesten aldri
« på: Fredag 20. Mai 2022, klokken 10:11 »
I have the exact same problem!
For me, it works once in a while.
But I noticed that it works almost all the time if the car is connected to the charger, even if not charging.
I also noticed that if the last status update in the app is recent, it usually works. But if the car is left alone and not connected to a charger, then the last update in the app is the time when I locked the car, which seems to indicate that the car does not talk to the servers after a while.
One thing you can do to test if you have the same problem as I do is this:
In the morning, after you left the car alone for the night and not connected to the charger, just go to the car, open the door, close the door and leave. Make sure it locks itself again or lock it manually. This way you "woke up" the car.
Then go back inside your home and try the start the pre-conditioning from the app. Then it should work.
It works for me every time when I do this.
It also works if you unlock/lock the car from the key card from inside the house if you are close enough to the car.

All this to say that for me it looks like there is a hardware problem with the communication module which goes to some sort of deep sleep after a few hours and it is then impossible to reach the car from the Renault servers.
I am currently talking to Berg Auto about this and it looks like they agree with me after having seen the same problem on another Zoe ZE50. They are waiting for some sort of approval from Renault France to be allowed to charge the relevant part.

Let me know if my trick works for you! :)

Kjøpe elbil? / Sv: Zoe 2018 høy risiko?
« på: Onsdag 11. Mai 2022, klokken 15:50 »
This one seems very nice as well, for only 13.5k:

I have no experience with the ones you list.

Zoe / Sv: Feil på vinduspyler 2020 ZOE ZE50
« på: Tirsdag 19. April 2022, klokken 14:31 »
Not me, thank God!  :P
It will be interesting to see what the fix for this is!  :o

Renault Megane E-TECH / Sv: Official launch of the Megane Electric
« på: Lørdag 12. Februar 2022, klokken 22:00 »
@E-trond: My bad, I just checked today on the Tesla site and it was listed at 369k... I guess I need to add more stuff in the car builder to be able to buy it?

@Moas: I am not sure what is going to be imported in Norway, but in France the lowest configurations do not have 22 kW AC (basic is 7 kW AC). It is an option or available only on the higher more expensive trims.

Not to mention that the DC charge is 85 kW for the 40 kWh battery pack and 130 kW for the 60 one.
TM3 have what? At least 175?

Renault Megane E-TECH / Sv: Official launch of the Megane Electric
« på: Lørdag 12. Februar 2022, klokken 18:51 »
So the cheapest one is 10 kNOK cheaper than a basic TM3 which has better range, faster charging speed, stronger engine...

Zoe / Sv: Minimum consumption stuck at 12.9 kWh/100 km
« på: Mandag 07. Februar 2022, klokken 10:32 »
Yes sorry, only for the ZE50.

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