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"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: think 2009
« på: Fredag 07. Mai 2021, klokken 16:56 »
Expensive clone: $125
Cheaper clone: $45
I have only used the original p-can - there is a swedish distributor for it here:

Both links you provided seem to be compatible - there are screenshots, etc.
With faster shipping and VAT the final price in Sweden would be about 1000kr.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: New speakers
« på: Onsdag 05. Mai 2021, klokken 22:48 »
no problems with the windows

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: New speakers
« på: Onsdag 05. Mai 2021, klokken 19:46 »
The 6mm spacer ring is needed because the speakers are a bit too large for the opening in the door.
Since the speaker is a cone, if you position it 6mm away from the whole the diameter that would make contact with the shole decreases.
No sure about the grill that comes with the speakers... I suspect that they would fit, but not sure how good. I will see if I can try that this weekend.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: think 2009
« på: Onsdag 05. Mai 2021, klokken 19:43 »
Think of the BMI as a computer with a hard disk, operating system, and sensors.
Unplugging and plugging back in the computer would normally not do much.
If there is an error of certain level/class stored in the BMI the BMI will not permit heating. I am not sure of what kind of errors are considered "General error" but this would indicate to me that there is something fishy.
Dropping the battery will actually make it harder to diagnose since then you would need to have a different cable to connect to the AC.
I have not seen any clones of p-can - do you have a link for such a clone?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: think 2009
« på: Lørdag 24. April 2021, klokken 17:39 »
The nikometer cycles the errors - is this the only error reported?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: think 2009
« på: Torsdag 22. April 2021, klokken 07:16 »
The vacuum pump is noisy.
Be careful - 35% indication may not be what it really is.
Zebra batteries estimate battery SOC based on many factors and need a "recalibration" very often.
Don't drive much - check the voltage of the battery and see how that matches the SOC estimation.

Here are couple of graphs to help you out:

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: New speakers
« på: Mandag 19. April 2021, klokken 20:12 »
Did you use the rear channel from the car stereo to drive the subwoofer, or did you use its own amplifier?
Is this the 8" or the 10" model?
I found this
But the size seems a bit different.
Do you mind taking some photos and publishing?

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: New speakers
« på: Mandag 19. April 2021, klokken 09:56 »
I am not going to win any competition with these new speakers.

The sound is much, much better than the original speakers. Especially having in mind that it is a bolt on install for only 300 kr.
I did not need to cut anything, the wire connectors matched the speakers - so no need for soldering, it took literally 5 minutes to install.
I had to fiddle with the stereo settings abit:
 - switch off x-bass (or loudness) (the speakers vibrate violently if on)
 - switched off sound profiling (did not like the sound)
 - increased bass to +5
 - increased threbble to +2

Then I burned a CD (it took a while to find a CD and a burner) with mp3 files and I could listen to it in the car!

I now have noticed that sometimes when I start the car the stereo will show "NO FILE" message... I need to eject and reinsert the disk to get the disk to work again... have to figure this one now.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: think 2009
« på: Mandag 19. April 2021, klokken 09:49 »

This is most probably Zebra battery - so you need to check that this works before anything.
The nikometer will show you basic info on the zebra and you can take it from there.

Last I checked electrokit in Malmö had duinomite mega boards.

Need to see if there are any cracks around the roof, and either repair them or reinforce the roof to avoid future cracks around the opening.

Good luck!

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / New speakers
« på: Lørdag 17. April 2021, klokken 13:54 »
I found a new speakers that turn out to be direct match of the original ones, but 13 cm instead of the original 10cm.
The model is Pioneer TS-G1320F.
From here
Around 300kr with shipping included.

The inner bolt pattern is exactly the same as the one on the Think door.
There is a need for 6mm adapter ring so the new speaker sticks out compared to the original one, but the speaker cover remains the same.
I will upload some photos and a 3d print model of the adapter ring if there is an interest.

Here are some photos:

Edit 2:
Here is the 3d print file:

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Speaker cover
« på: Tirsdag 13. April 2021, klokken 15:13 »
There you go:

I made it with FreeCAD, let me know if you want to original model file.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Speaker cover
« på: Mandag 12. April 2021, klokken 21:11 »
Thanks for the tip!
That explains some of the strangeness... it is visible on my photos that the original cover has one of the pins that are supposed to fit in the door a little off, while if you look at the door opening all 8 or the openings are symmetric.
I am very happy with the new covers, but it is definitely more cost effective to order new from ebay.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Speaker cover
« på: Mandag 12. April 2021, klokken 10:35 »
My speaker covers are falling all the time and are beginning to crack.
So I made a 3d model of a speaker cover and 3d print it.
Here are some photos of it. I will upload the model if there is any interest in it.

"Nye" TH!NK City produsert fra 2008 - 2012 / Sv: Nicometer i Nye Think
« på: Lørdag 10. April 2021, klokken 00:39 »
Does anyone know if this is written for zebra-battery or enerdel? I have a enerdel-battery now, and it looks so healthy i have a hard time beliveing that it really has no failed cells  :D

There is an enerdel version of nikometer software that shows minimum, average and maximum cell voltage. Try it.

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