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Tittel: Detached garage - what are my options?
Skrevet av: MilkplusLørdag 06. Februar 2021, klokken 08:32
Hi there! I purchased my first electric car in November (a 2020 Hyundai Kona) and have been charging it on public chargers since then. It has been fine, if not a little expensive. The reason I haven't installed a charger at home is two fold:

1) my garage is detached from my house (about 100m away) amongst a group of garages
2) the Boligbyggelag has been promising since March 2019 that they would be installing power and chargers (via Lyse/Smartly) to the garages

However, a few weeks ago, the project has been put on hold indefinitely as there are apparently some issues with permits from the kommune.

This is, understandably, frustrating. So, really I'd just like to explore my options and see if it's possible to get something installed myself - or if it's just too prohibitively expensive to do so. There is currently no power to the garage area at all and my house is in an awkward spot where I can't just park in front of it and charge with an extension without it blocking the half the road for other cars. Ugh.

has anyone had experience with this sort of thing in the past? I suspect I'm fighting a losing battle, but maybe there's something I've missed that could help?
Tittel: Sv: Detached garage - what are my options?
Skrevet av: elektroluxſøndag 07. Februar 2021, klokken 05:00
What about another EV, and hire or bye a garage with charging possibility?

Benefits are you can swap a discharged car for a fully charged one anytime, witch is cheaper and faster than public charging.