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Tittel: Mounting 2ch dash cam on hyundai kona - (enabling parking mode)
Skrevet av: RRPTorsdag 30. Januar 2020, klokken 13:36
Does any one mounted a 2 channel dash cam on hyundai kona ev with enabled parking mode (hard wired/OBD 2 cable) ?

I am planning to buy a Blackvue -DR900S 2CH (https://bilkamerabutikken.no/shop/dashbordkamera/blackvue-dr900s-2ch-dashcam/ (https://bilkamerabutikken.no/shop/dashbordkamera/blackvue-dr900s-2ch-dashcam/) )and enable parking mode by connecting via an OBD 2 cable (https://bilkamerabutikken.no/shop/tilbehor/conecta-blacvue-obdii-batterivakt-for-parkeringsmodus/ (https://bilkamerabutikken.no/shop/tilbehor/conecta-blacvue-obdii-batterivakt-for-parkeringsmodus/)) since I would park my car on public road.
1. I would like to know if I connect to ODB pin will it affect the main battery ?
2. Will the 12V battery would be always recharged by main battery or will it get recharged only if the charge dropped to a certain limit?
I don't opt for hard wiring since I read in some forums that it may break the warranty.
Any suggestions are welcome.